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Jack (of Hearts)

Jacks Japes


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Jack was rescued a year ago now, he was seen being thrown from a transit van at 60mph, he was with 4 other dogs that were also thrown out. Jack and one other dog survived, he had quite a few scars and some mental issues that had to be sorted out, he is now a fantastic dog with a wonderful nature, I have always had rescue dogs but this is the first Lurcher I have had, and now I am hooked on them and will always have another.

Jack eats only dried food and had=s only 1-2 scoops in the evening, his weight is 29.5kgs and is now perfect, when I got him he was only 13kgs. I LOVE my JACK!!!!


Jack's Friends

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Things I love: Jacks loves are...... Sleeping, eating and sleeping!!!! He loves to run especially after Rabitts!!! he runs like the wind. We take him to country shows and he will take part in mock coarsing and races. We have two lovely Grandchildren a boy and a girl. and they have a little Yellow Lab called Logan. I love Chinese food and unfortunately sweet things like chocolate and cakes!!! Country music and teaching Line dance

Things I hate: Cruelty to animals, time wasters, Work!!!! Hot Curry, Cleaning Dora's cage, the long drive to my youngest son who lives in Reading and to my Sister who lives in Abotts Langley, Dave on Sky there are too many repeats.

My favourite walks: Devon Park in Newark, Farndon Marina, Along the floodbank in Winthorpe Newark, and going to Stapleford Woods, Rufford Park, and the beach at Winthorpe Skegness.

Other pets who share my home: Dora the Budgie, Foreign Finches in the aviary and pond fish

My favourite saying: Oh well see what tomorrow brings!

Type: Rescue Dog
Sex: Male
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: Jack1
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