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This is my life!


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I live here at Iffin House  in Canterbury along with my new friend "Quaver" - I'm sure I wasn't as mischievious when I was that age!


My two legged friends, whom I look after, area really great - even the children!


My people run a B&B on the outskirts of Canterbury. We can see the Cathedral from the end of the drive but all around is countryside - fantastic! The best thing is they welcome dogs so my people can talk about the weather and I have lots of different friends to play with.






This is a photo of me, taken in the Summer, in one of my favourite places!


It's really good where we live because we can go to the woods or sea and it doesn't take long to get there (I am usually dry by the time we arrive home).

Things I love: I love going to school with Sophie. In fact I love going, or not going, anywhere in the car. Sometimes in the summer Sophie's Mum opens up the hatch and I am allowed to watch everything from there. When we go out for walks the muddier the better, especially if I can find a puddle or a cattle trough!

Things I hate: My worst time is when they go out and I have to look after the house. Of course I dont mind looking after the house as such but I would prefer to be with them. Quaver can be rather annoying but I suppose he is only 8 months and his previous home obviously had different standards!

My favourite walks: I love the walk at Farthing Corner (see the photo). Going down to the sea is great too.

Other pets who share my home: Until recently we had two guinea pigs but they died, which upset Sophie my little two legged friend. I wasn't allowed too near them as they looked rather appetizing! This brings me on the the substitute "Quaver" - he has a good point in that he is also a Springer spaniel but one of his very annoying features is he has an extremely, unnecessarily long tail! There are also 3 poines that live here. I do not spend much time with them however, I have been known to enjoy a bark and chase up

My favourite saying: Get in the car

Breed: Spaniel (English Springer)
Type: Rescue Dog
Birthday: 24/05/2002
Owner: Sarah Harman
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