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Hello, my name is Bella, but I am usually called Belly because all I ever think about it my belly!!

I live on the Isle of Wight but was born in Ireland. My mummy didn't have a home so me and my brothers and sisters were born on the street, I don't know who my dad is. Some kind people from Many Tears Rescue in Wales saved me, my siblings and my mum from being put down and now we all have lovely homes.

I am not sure what mix of breeds I am but I have been told that my mum was a black labrador cross.


I can be a bit naughty but I am only 10 months old and there is so much fun to be had! I used to steal things and eat them but now I always give them back when I realise they aren't toys.


I love the beach and I am starting to be brave and go in the water, I haven't swam yet but I am sure I will be brave enough to try one day! I hate it when we get home from the beach as I know I will need to have a bath :(


My adopted mum is a dog groomer so I get to meet all kinds of dogs - not all of them are as excitable as me so they don't want to be my friend but I have a couple of very special friends who are just as boiserious as me! I can be a bit shy too but I am ok once I get to know you.


I would love lots of new friends that don't mind a bit of rough and tumble...I wonder if there are any that live near me...?


Bella's Friends

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Things I love: Food, running, chewing, food, playing fetch, chasing birds, food and more food!

Things I hate: Horses, traffic, hoovers and the printer

My favourite walks: Anywhere I can run and run and run!

My favourite saying: Pleeease can we play some more??

Breed: Crossbreed & Mongrel
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Female
Birthday: 31/03/2009
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: Emma
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