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anyone out ther know any good holidays for walking and a nice cottage, with a secure garden?

many thank you'oo's to suzi for getting me up and stared on this website. I love new friends on my page.

Does anyone out there know of a good holiday cottage that will take me JIM and me two slaves on a nice holiday with lloads of walkies as the slaves love walkies too. Be nice to go somewhere for xmas that takes JIM'S so the slaves can rest this year from cooking.....but we must have a turkey when we get back yummmy.

I nearly but not quite caught a pheasent today, but it flew upwards like a hellicopter.

I need clipping badly ...mum's watching the weather as soon as it warms a bit she clips me and does my nails and I am such a good chap I just let her do it....BUT she is a retired vet and clipper so I knows I am safe.

Mum got me a all in one suit when it snowed Its smashing...bit fiddly to put on but I come in all dry except for my feet and I stay out ages rolling about in the snow the mud its great. have good days jim lots of paw prints to all.




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Things I love: playing, walking, chasing next doors chicken, tearing around garden, rides in car.J.ust moved to a new home !Well new to me but dates back to the 1700's and the garden has not been touched for years, and is emormous, I just love hiding when mum is calling, Its a little mean as I see how paniced she gets bless her, then I'll show myself. (a little naughty boy I am ), just love this garden. Hope someone out ther knows........of a nice hideaway cottage....for a nice holiday for ME AND the slaves!

Things I hate: coming back when called ! nasty dog food, love lambs kidneys are fab ! hate fish .......that stuff is for cats ain't it ? Postie disturbing my sleep !

My favourite walks: holiday walks in shorpshire and wales,The woods where I can smell mice and deer and it sends me crazy...! Parks are nice but I would like to get off my extending lead and chase all the other 4paws...but mum knows she can't trust me , my head just goes and I run as fast as my legs will take me it great, but when I eventually when I get back to mum, she's in bits and I then feel a bit naughty. Love going to my pal 's home her name is POPPY and she is a westie, she lives at Althorpe Estate

Other pets who share my home: blue and gold macaw named LUCY ! Don't chase Lucy, but I do chase anything that moves in the garden even next door's chicken's !

My favourite saying: Want a walkie, sound of mum's car keys mean's I am off somewhere, shall we go see NAN ! HEY JIM, want some mouse (mum means cheese) I just love mouse strong mouse is wonderful. Bedtime Jim . Love you my little darling , good boy, tummy tickles, time for clipping mum does it

Breed: Cairn Terrier
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Male
Birthday: 12/09/2009
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: angeleyes
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