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Ollie Came Too

Travels And Adventures Of Ollie The Rescue Dog Around The World


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I was rescued by my mum and dad when I was 15 months old.  I was in a foster home as I didn't like Kennels.   I was being left at home for 9 hours a day, and as I said before I do not like it.  It was mum that chose me, she wanted a Collie cross and got me.  She wasn't that impressed though when she took me to training classes and the trainer said that I was half Saluki and to not expect much from me.  Well mum dosn't give up easily and she took me to another trainer and we went training every single week.  Guess what I have rosettes now and can do stuff with agility.  I especially liked the high walkway thingy, Mum couldn't keep me off that.  I luv to jump and used to sail over the high jump bars.  I am older now 6 and I listen to my mum alot more, she is only saying things for my benefit to keep me out of trouble and keep me safe.  So I can sit, lay down, stay, walk close and give paw!


Mum always encourages little children to pat me as I love children and am totally non aggressive and my fur is really soft.  I take food nicely too.


I have been everywhere with my Mum and Dad and have used a wide variety of transport.


Car, Bus, Train, Speedboat and a Tuk Tuk!


I have been to a lovely self catering cottage in Cornwall and had a wonderful time charging around on the beaches there.  I have been to Dorset to stay with my mum's Mum and Dad.  They live near a beach too so had a great time there.  I walked a long long way in Cumbria up and down, up and down hills and all over Northumberland where mum and dad have a house still.  Right now though I am living in Malaysia with my mum and dad as Dad is working here, it is hot but I can manage it, we have air conditioning and lots of fans so it is not too bad at all.  But best of all I get to sniff all the sniffs and swim in the I have also made myself a little dirt hole in the garden, but I don't think my mum is too impressed as I seem to keep bringing the dirt inside all the time.



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Things I love: Running round on the Beach, Long walks with lots of sniffs, Lying on my Mum's bed, Lying in a dirt hole in the Garden. I love to eat Cheese, Bacon and Sausages and Vanilla Ice Cream. But best of all I love being with my mum cos she's the best. She really understands me and my ways and always knows what I am thinking.

Things I hate: I reallly hate load noises, Thunder and Footballs. But worst of all being apart from my mum and dad. I don't like it, but fortunately they know this and try to take me everywhere they possibly can and if not they do not leave me for a long time.

My favourite walks: Bluebell Island in a small village called Wark in Northumberland, that is where I kind of live, but at the moment I live in Malaysia and I really enjoy my walks there as we live in a Dog friendly Township which has a big lake in the centre, which I have a quick dip in now and then when it is extra hot.

Other pets who share my home: I also live with 3 cats!!! You may think this a bit odd but they're ok. Mum saved them, she is a sucker for an animal in need of help! So there is Katja, mum had her since she was 6 weeks old, then came Pook he loves to play with Mum's hair and just recently mum saved Bailey he was 3 weeks old and was going to be put down because he is Black. They don't like Black cats in Malaysia as they are considered unlucky. So mum is looking after him too now and he sleeps with us in the bedroom too.

My favourite saying: Mum always says "Right who would like to go for a walk" and of course it is always me that gets excited. I also like the saying "Car Ollie" which means we are going for a drive. I just lurv the car!

Breed: Crossbreed & Mongrel
Type: Rescue Dog
Sex: Male
Birthday: 30/10/2003
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: Soozie
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