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Buddy a very handsome boy!!



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Everyone says that I am VERY handsome. I'm black and white, long body, ears and legs. People have various opinions on my heritage. I was at the rescue kennels for several months before I adopted my new family. I had been considered by the British Transport Police for training but was too young at the time. I've settled well in my new home, only done a bit of chewing since I arrived here on 22nd September, 2009!! Love Mum & Dad to bits.

Things I love: food, Mum & Dad, food, long walks off lead, food, treats, chasing anything small and furry, food, "Buddy Cuddles", food, talking rather than barking, my large garden, food!!!!! I'm also doing very well at dog training sessions

Things I hate: next doors cat, Charlie.... being bullied by my human brother's 2 miniture schaunzers called Schnitzle and Pretzle they take my toys and bit my face..... Mum & Dad not being with me 24/7 as I'm a rescue dog, found as a stray so I've been badly let down in the past

My favourite walks: anywhere I can run off lead. I do come back when a whistle is blown. I like chasing birds so lots of those around wherever I go. I live in South Essex, and we have lots of lovely open space. I particularly like Coalhouse Fort near Tilbury, but I get told off if I go into the river as I come out covered in grey sludge!!! BUT there are lots of interesting birds and smells there

Other pets who share my home: Schnitzle and Pretzle stay here quite a lot although they don't live here....we also sometimes look after 2 other minature schaunzers for a friend . They are Lola and Millie. They also bully me especially Millie, even when I pretend to get cross with them they take no notice.

My favourite saying: "Anyone for a dunked rich tea?"...."Walk time, leads on..."..."Who would like a Buddy Cuddle??"

Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Male
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: Buddy's Mum & Dad
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