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Hi everyone , my name is Rags and i'm a Jack Russell puppy  , i live with my Mum and Dad and my big doggy friend Sammy  ( he's the one i am cuddling in my photo's )  i came from a place called Ipswich where i lived with my doggy mum called Milly and my two brothers and two sisters , they are in a picture too  i'm the one with the spotty tummy , i'm a really happy friendly little boy , but do get a bit too rough with Sammy sometimes and mum has to tell me to be more gentle  ( i do try , but get very excited when we play together )  i have got to have my last injection on Saturday 30th Jan ) then in one week after that i am allowed to go out and see what Sammy does every day when he has this thing called a lead put on , mum said she will prob be getting me a harness , whatever one of them is ? but it all sounds very exciting  Well i'm nearly four and a half months old now , and going out on walks and meeting everyone , i still get a bit jumpy around loud noises but soon relax when mum says it's okay , i love children making a big fuss of me and sometimes get too excited and have a little tiddle on someones shoes   i havn't met loads of dogs yet , but when i do i like to say hello nicely  ,mum says we will see lots more when the weather gets nicer though ,  i'm being a good boy most of the time and learning to give my paw ( but usually get a bit too excited and end up begging on my hind legs instead )  me and Sammy play lots and i do ask to go out now , but just very occasionaly if i'm really busy playing i nearly forget myself and have to rush to the door really fast  ( and don't always make it )  but mum says it's only on very rare occasions now  so she lets me off ( she does make me go out straight away though ) oh and do you like the photo's of me and little Chloe in my house , she keeps getting in with me  , but i have to be carefull as she nearly squashes me in the door  , and i get a bit confused as she keeps calling me Bags




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Things I love: Visitors and cuddles ( and pulling hair if anyone lets me get hold of it ) mum says it's naughty though ! i do love my food too it's yummy ( Sammy's is nicer though and i keep trying to reach his high up dish to have a taster ( i get told off for that too );

Things I hate: Loud noises at the moment , but i am only a baby still .

My favourite walks: Just being out and about at the moment ( as the weather has been so horrible we don't go far yet ) but now it's geting nicer we are going to go to the stables more so i can make good friends with all the horses , and have long runs in the fields with Sammy , and i have to meet the five stable cats soon !

Other pets who share my home: Sammy dog , a 5 year old Black Labby x Border Collie and i love him lots already x.

My favourite saying: Chloes coming ( cos she's my little friend and i love her to bits ) and i love it when mum says Daddies home from work too and i go to the door to meet him every night , and every morning i look up to mum so she will pick me up to watch him drive off to work too ( and it's school time so i can watch all the people and children going past )

Breed: Jack Russell Terrier
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Male
Birthday: 07/11/2009
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: carolsdogs
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