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May 2010

Something different.....this time we went to church....A tiny village near Melton Mowbray called Chadwell.The villagers from Chadwell and nearby Wycomb all took animals to church to be blessed...It happens each year and the service is held outside the church,followed by a barby....Burgers and sausage...delicious.

 June /July 2010

Work in the garden seemed to pick up speed and one day lorry loads of sand and cement and slabs arrived....there was even a water feature even better than the paddling pool.

The sand was great to dig and roll in ,a bit like the seaside ,except the colour.Everybody thought I was a miniature Red setter. Ah well time for a bath ...

On one of Dad's days out we all went to Banbury to see the annual Hobby Horse Festival.

Its agreat day out.....vey dog friendly...loads to do...and we made lots of new friends.....Really hope we can make it next year.

August 2010    Best day out all summer

Osgatorpe near Ashby Leicestershire. A super hot day in aid of Rainbows charity.

(just Google Osgathorpe Zany dog show)...and best of all we won.....Grace who is 4 years old was best junior handler.A fantasic day out...picnic and beer tent, bit of shopping for the girls...a must for any fun dog owner. With classes like who looks most like their owner and who can resist the sausage was simply great fun...see you there next year.

By the end of the month we all needed a holiday and it was off to Weymouth...It's simply the best beach in the world....Loads of walks ,even in summer...just great..I swam every morning before breakfast.

Just seen Daisy...she's dad's other favorite type of dog after having Bella for 16 years


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Things I love: Food and long walks

Things I hate: Hoovers and ladders and Lyme Regis

My favourite walks: Locally the nature reserve walk at Croft Hill in Leicestershire,but looking forward to the beach soon.

My favourite saying: Where's Beth's lead

Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Female
Birthday: 10/08/2008
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: Beths dad
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