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Alias Haribo


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Hi my name's Harry.  I'm a lovable 2 1/2 yr old Retriever will lots of energy and mischievousness.  I like to go on long walks and can't stay away from water and the muddiest puddles.  I love other dogs and people and will greet anyone with a paw and a lick. 


My big love is FOOD! I just can't seem to get enough of it especially when i go out on a Saturday moning for my walk and you see all those pizzas and chips thrown away by you humans.  I just try and help by cleaning up after them and before my mum notices and stops me.


I'm due to go on my hols soon, we are off to the lakes for a few days and I'm meeting up with some friends who are also Golden Retrievers.







Hi mum has found a picture of me when I was about 9 weeks old - don't i look cute and small to the size I am now.


Hi All it's been a while since i blogged anything on here. I've been on holiday since then. I went to scotland and went into lots of lochs and went to stay with a lovely family in may when my owers went on holiday.  I played all week with a black lab and the picture below is the result of that.



I had loads of fun and mum said that she nearly didn't recogonise me. I'm sure there is other owners out there who's loving pets have been in the same state, thought i don't think my owners believedme when i told them this.


Harry's Friends

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Things I love: Long walks, de-stuffing soft toys, paddling and swimming, having belly tickled, other doggies to play with, favourite toy called' Quakers', watching the world go by sat on the 2 seater sofa, cuddles with my mum and dad. Finding the muddiest pond and also snow. My mum's slippers (make a good toy)

Things I hate: Baths- my mum makes me to go the doggie parlour. Having my ears cleaned. Puddycats and cheeky birdies but they always get away.

My favourite walks: I love going to the Lakes. My mum and dad take me there lots of times and also to the beach. I live near to Hollingworth Lake in Greater Manchester where I like to go and have a dip in the water.

Other pets who share my home: I don't live with any other pets but try to see my cousin Basil who is a chocolate lab, often, I've got my mum to attach a copy of me and bas on our jollies together.

My favourite saying: With the eyes' Please sir, can i have some more!', 'Jumbone', Walkies.

Breed: Retriever (Golden)
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Male
Birthday: 03/04/2007
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: Harry07
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