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February 2009

We took him to a craft fair yesterday and there was a restaurant with some tables and chairs outside, and the sun was really hot so we took our coffee outside and Alfie sat by us fascinated by all the ducks, we had to keep a real tight hold of the lead or he would have been in the lake. He did a little pee in the shop, but the lady didn't say anything we just cleaned it up with some tissues, so I took him outside where we met a man and woman who had a 15 year old lady Snoo, and while we were talking Alfie peed for England all over the man's shoe,   and the chap said "I bet that was relief," and didn't mind at all.

When we take him out Alfie cannot quite work out yet that he should pee or poo outside, he doesn't understand it is alright to do this, yet, but he will in time, he is walking really lovely now, and when he sees people his little tail nearly falls off with all the wagging it does, he loves people, which is good, and so far he is alright with dogs. He's quieter than any of my other dogs.

Today he did the Andrex advert if that Dog can do it so can I. 


This week I have been very busy in the garden, everything has been preened and pruned ready for Spring, the digging I am finding quite hard, as I only have tiny paws, and Mum isn't very impressed when I come into the house carrying all that mud on my feet, well I cannot help it if the garden is so wet and mucky, and the thing is some of the garden has now got a trellis thing in front so I cannot do that bit of the garden anymore.  She didn't like me up in her box with the Spring bulbs, I sorta moved them around a little bit I thought they seemed a bit crowded to me, but heck I am only a dog, and I haven't got a lot of knowledge in that department, but I did help her clean the muddy paw prints of the window outside, well I have to tell them when I want in.  I can never do anything right.


















Cleaning the windows and building a Snowzer in the garden 


Am I cute?

















Watching TV













Human mummy said it is Valentine's Day tomorrow, so I will just humour her.








































Mum has entered me into a competition in the Evening Mail, this is the picture  she used above, I will let you know how I get on.


Today I lost my bottom two teeth, Mum cannot find them but she said the Dog Tooth Fairy should come, so I will not be able to sleep much tonight just in case.


Charlie is coming tomorrow, and I am getting really excited now, we can play in the garden and then I am going on my first walk with him, and hopefully I will get the jist of peeing outside, we can pee together.  wuff wuff.



Charlie did come, but I was horrible to him, I jumped on him, humped him, bit his ears and his legs, and he still came back for more, Mum locked him in my crate so he could get some peace, they are spoilsports.



 This is Charlie inside my crate.




Went to see my Furry Family on Thursday, they were a bit funny with me at first but we got playing and Aunt Lilly has been verysad since all of us have gone, but she soon brightened up when I came and she wouldn't stop playing with me and her tail wagged all the time. .Lilly and me below.


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Things I love: When my name is called, and when they say "good boy", and me dinner.

Things I hate: Loud noises, and being shouted at for being a naughty boy.

My favourite walks: Cannot say yet, as I haven't been out much walking, but I'm sure I will find somewhere that is my favourite.

Other pets who share my home: Charlie sometimes does.

My favourite saying: Where's my food?

Breed: Miniature Schnauzer
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Male
Birthday: 09/10/2009
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: FD
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