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The Coton De Tulear


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I was born on 27 July 2009, with three other sibblings, my mommy Coral looked after me really well and I enjoyed playing with my two sisters and brother.  Then one day my human mom and dad introduce me to some strangers.  They were really gentle with me and my brother and sisters and gave us lots of cuddles.  Little did I know at that time that they would eventually be my new Mom and Dad.  I was having so much fun playing around with the rest of my family that I didn't see the time go by, but on day the nice strangers came and took me away from the only place that I had every known and brought me to a new and strange place with strange smells and three very scary cats who did little to make me feel welcome.  My new Mom and Dad tried to make me feel welcome and comfortable with my new surroundings and I had my own comfortable bed and new toys to play with.  


I didn't like it when I was left on my own that first night but I soon fell to sleep and when I woke up the next morning, my Mom gave me a big cuddle and my breakfast.


I then found out that my name was Jarvis, which took a little time to remember.  However, I can now answer to this and my Mom and Dad seem to be very pleased with me.


After the first week of being in my new home, my Mom and Dad took me to another place which I found out was down in Cornwall.  The first day was really exciting, see the seagull and all the different smell and I was really enjoying myself. (Didn't like the journey down though, too long).  That night my mom and dad went to bed and left me in the lounge.  I didn't like this as it was a strange place and I just could settle and started to cry.  My mom came to me to see if I was alright and decided that just once she would have me in the bedroom with them.  I managed to sneek up onto the bed, but that was a big mistake as my Mom turned over during the night and I fell off.  I knew something was seriously wrong with my front left leg as I couldn't put any weight on it and it hurt like hell.  I found out the next morning when I was at the vets that I had broken my elbow. After an operation, my elbow is perfectly ok now.


I am now 6 months old and attending obedience classes and something they call Ring Craft Classes (not sure what this is about yet) and my Mom is very pleased with how I am doing. We do training every day in the house and out on the street and I am really enjoying it.  I will be moving up to intermediate in a couple of weeks time so I must be doing something rights.  My mom says I am.




Jarvis's Friends

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Things I love: Walking, Ring Craft Classes, running, playing with my toys

Things I hate: Being told off, wind blowing my tail up

My favourite walks: Cannock Chase, local nature reserve, and parks.

Other pets who share my home: Cindy, Holly and Charley, all rescued cats.

My favourite saying: A little kiss goes a long way

Breed: Coton De Tulear
Type: Show Dog
Sex: Male
Birthday: 27/07/2009
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: chansonnew
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