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Hello everyone  , mums writing this for me as i'm living at a place called Rainbow Bridge with all my doggy and horsey friends , i first came to live with mum and dad after my old daddy and mummy had to split up , i was about 11 months old i think , my old dad brought me for a trial period i think he said ?  to see if me and Ashy would be friends ( he was 20 months old ) but i was really scared as dad just left me  with all my things and never ever came back again  Ash wanted to be friends  ( he loved everybody ) but i kept growling at him ( sorry Ashy ) my new mum and dad took us both to a big park for a play and it was so much fun i forgot to growl , but when we got home again i was still worried and jumped on mum sitting on the settee !  i was a bit heavy and when she went to push me off i bit her on the arm  ( sorry mum ) well she didn't do anything but just shouted at me to get out of the room and told me i was a bad boy , she knew it was probably because i was really worried and wondered why dad had left me there  ( but i did scare her a little  bit too )  so i decided i better be really good from then on , but i still got growly with Ash  and mum said after a week if it didn't get better i would have to find a new home ( as it wasn't fair on Ashy ) well next day we had a fight and i made Ash have a bleeding ear ( i'm really sorry about that )  but he had got really fed up with me that day and said he was the boss and i'd better start behaving myself , actually it was quite nice not to have to try and be top dog anymore , and i decided to be his friend instead ( anyway from that day on we made up and became best friends for ever ) and i was the nicest cuddliest friendly dog to everyone


Sadly Ashy had to go to Rainbow Bridge when i was nearly 15 and i was so upset that i had a stroke the week after , mum and dad quickly rushed me to the vet and he made me lots better , and Toby tried really hard to make me feel happy again too so i wasn't on my own , when i was 15 and four months old Mum and dad went out on a very snowy night and came back with a tiny little black thing , he was a puppy and mum called him Sammy , Toby wasn't keen on him very much  but i liked him and kept going over for a sniff , well he soon decided he liked me best and kept coming for cuddles and would lay on me , sucking my fur ( i think he wanted me to be his mum )  look at him in my pictures having a snuggle up , he was very gentle with me but kept annoying Toby , as he got bigger he started to play with Toby a lot more  ( which was fine with me as i was getting quite old by now and needed some peace and quiet sometimes )  sadly i was called to Rainbow Bridge when i was 16 years and 4 months old  ( i think Ashy was lonely ) although he already had , Benny , Honey and Mitzi to play with by then but i know he really missed me , then this year just a week after his 10th birthday we were very surprised to see Toby come and live with us too , Mum is still very sad , but is happy we are all together now , and we all know Sammy and Dad will look after her


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Things I love: I loved my friends and taking people by the hand , and gently leading them to a seat when they visited us , i also loved going to the stables for a good play with Ashy and Tobes .

Things I hate: I hated fireworks .

My favourite walks: Anywhere with my family and my doggy friends , but especially the stables with all the lovely fresh smells ( i was a serial sniffer )

Other pets who share my home: I lived with Ash first , then Toby when Ashy and i were ten , then Sammy when i was fifteen .

My favourite saying: Def walkies , and Mitzi's coming ( my mummy's mums little doggy ) she was my girlfiend and i loved her .

Breed: Retriever (Golden)
Type: Past friend
Sex: Male
Birthday: 18/10/1989
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: carolsdogs
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