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I am a rejected Hearing Dog as I have too many allegies to risk putting me through the training


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I started life in Limerick, Ireland. As a stray I was picked up and then transported to Princes Risbourgh in England to The Hearing Dogs for Deaf People


I spent some time with puppy socialisers (about 3 months I think). Mum and Dad are eternally grateful to whoever looked after me then as they did a great job on my obedience training! (I've since managed to curl them around my little claw though ).


Mum had been on to Dad for ages about getting a dog and he was persuaded by friends, who already had a Fallen Angel (that's what they call us 'Rejects' !) to allow mum to apply. Dad was told that it would take months to get a dog. The application posted on Monday they had a call on Tuesday and two weeks later I was off to live in Dorset.


I love it here with Mum and Dad and all the other visitors that come along to play


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Things I love: Now I live by the sea on the Jurassic Coast in West Dorset I don't have problems with my Pollen allegies. Also I have a completely natural diet (see Give the Dog a Bone book) which means I no longer suffer rashes and being hyper from my Wheat and Gluten allergies. In short I'm happy and healthy now and love to run in the fields and on the beaches and swim in the streams and lakes that we are blessed with around here.

Things I hate: I have a long list! I hate fireworks, thunder, gun fire (shame since there is a Clay Shoot just down the track from us). I am also scared of just about anything that waves in the air (kites, flags, microlights etc). I'm also pretty worried about just about any machine - such as bikes etc I don't really like cars (although don't mind travelling in Dad's van that has a proper cage in it for me). Sorry I'm a softy but I'm much better than I used to be!

My favourite walks: Wow, there are so many. I love Cogdon beach the best - a National Trust area right on the coast near to Burton Bradstock in West Dorset. I also love West Bexington beach and the big puddle (little pond) that forms when the rain has been hard.

Other pets who share my home: We often have other dogs staying with us and I get on with them all as a rule. Most of the time I'm the top dog but not always. Mum & Dad call me the supervisor as I keep the others in check if they get too boisterous.

My favourite saying: "Come on, throw the ball!"

Breed: 0
Type: Rescue Dog
Birthday: 15/12/2003
Owner: Hannah
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