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Now ..... here's beauty for you!! (and so modest!)


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Now 2010 and cold outside!


Another year and looking forward to more special walkies with my very special 'forever mum'!  Because of her poorly back and hips, not getting any better, mum has bought herself a 'buggy' now. You can see me here between her feet!! 


I've heard her telling my aunties and uncles that it is a 'mobility skooter' and folds up to go in the boot of the car!  I had a ride on it between mum's feet, but just in the house at first and up and down our long kitchen/diner!  Great! (but it doesn't go very fast! Not like my Ferrarri!!)  


She has bought a special doggie basket with a safety cover over the top - you can see it in the picture.  It goes on the front of the skooter in place of the little black plastic thingy that came with it!  This is so she can take me, if and when we need to use it in shopping areas, or where I or she can't walk. Looking forward to days out and having a ride in it!  I must learn to wave like the "Princess Lily" I am and accept all the admiring looks and words I can get!! Well, who couldn't resist this photograph - I ask you!?!   


I've made a few more friends since the beginning of the year - especially my mum with Sophie's mum. She does what she calls 'maleing' to Sophies mum!   (Don't know why but mum says 'Yeah! OK!' and is looking at me and smiling!) 


Mum has just called to me to finish this for today and to go and have my tea.  She says she needs to make a coffee so (paws crossed!)  I may get the last little drop if I look nicely at her, and if I sit up and beg - it does it every time!!   Bye for now!!      Be in touch again soon!!


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Things I love: Walkies! Playing with my friends Charlie, Bonnie, (2 Staffs) and Mazy and Dinky (2 chihauhas)! Playing ball! Playing at home and in the garden - especially the water fountain!! Playing with my cousin Whisky. Being cuddled. Having my belly, ears, neck and on top of my nose tickled! Ooo! N-i-c-e!!

Things I hate: Food with wheat or gluten in it - makes me very, very, VERY sick!! Not too keen on being bathed or groomed, but my groomer is VERY kind and understands me now!! Have pancreatitis now - and its a bummer!! >:'-(

My favourite walks: In the woods near where I live. When we visit a beach - I LURVE it!!!!! In fact, I love anywhere I am taken and I can meet new friends, two or four legged!! Mum has stopped using her mobility scooter, cos she can walk better now. But I do have a pushchair for when I can't walk and have to be carried. Mum still can't carry me because of her poorly back.

Other pets who share my home: Things have changed in my household ..... I now have a little brother, who instead of hair has FEATHERS (whatever they are) and he is called "CORKEY" (stupid name!!) Mum says she is going to put some photographs she's taken of him! Huh!! Me? Jealous? Of a BIRD! You must be kidding! Grrrrr!!!

My favourite saying: "Are you coming in the car with me?" "OK - walkie time!" "Where's (name of toy)?" (and I go and fetch it and play for ages).

Breed: Yorkshire Terrier
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Female
Birthday: 25/04/2005
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: Sandra
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