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Now ..... here's beauty for you!! (and so modest!)


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October 2010 - and changes in the household!!

Caught up a bit in July 2010 text and now start again because there have been some changes here at my kennel!


Further to that though first ......


Mum has been to the hospikal and had some tests - one of them called an MRI - and then she went to see her vet at the beginning of October and she came home a lot happier because she had seen the Boss Vet - and that pleased her!  She said he gave her some jections in her 'creaky bits' (Ouch! I don't like jections!) and she does seem to be a bit better.  The vet is sending for her to go for another scan using an isotope??  She's telling some of my uncles and aunties that it is nuclear isotope medicine and I may have to stay with Aunty Jacky overnight because she wont be able to cuddle me until the medicine wears off and that she may "glow in the dark"! WOW!! How cool will that be then!!  


I said in the bit at first about friends I share my home with having changed!  Well, Mum has been out and got a ... erm? ... Oh! Crikey! What's it called? ..... Oh! Yes! ..... a bud-ger-i-gar!? Instead of hair, it has FEATHERS! (whatever they are!)  He is called Corkey - (Huh! Stupid name!) - and I'm not a bit jealous of him!!    He makes some strange noises and I stand in front of his 'cage'(?) - wag my tail and lick my lips!  Mum says I am not having him for my "starters"!!  Don't know WHAT she means!!   She keeps on "Pretty boy Corkey - give us a kiss ... tch, tch, tch, tch!" - Huh!!  Mum says Corkey is here to stay, so I have no option but to get used to it!  She does still give me a cuddle so that's all that matters!!


Anyway, I've got to give her room at this desk now to come and put a couple of his "mug shots" on here!  Not half so pretty as me!!


Nice to catch up again friends and family - I will try to get access to this computer a bit more often now and keep you updated a bit more. 


  Suppose he is a pretty colour! 


    Got a nice 'kennel' too! (mines bigger!)



Just looking Mum - honest!! >:-')~~~~~~~~~~  (wag tail/lick lips)


Right, I'm off now - Mum says we're going for walkies and I have to have my harness and jacket on!  Be in touch again soon!  Until then - lots of wags and licks!!  >:-')~~~~~~~~~


I am getting used to Corkey now and he's not so bad, but he has started 'buzzing' me when I'm trying to have my dinner!  Mum keeps saying "... now you be good Lily - don't hurt him!"  Huh!  As if I would .......... !!!!!


For goodness sake Mum!  I am being good!!!  (Yeah! Yeah! One false move matey!)

He's got a big new house too - and is trying to

sell the gold one! He'd only had it a few days too!!



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Things I love: Walkies! Playing with my friends Charlie, Bonnie, (2 Staffs) and Mazy and Dinky (2 chihauhas)! Playing ball! Playing at home and in the garden - especially the water fountain!! Playing with my cousin Whisky. Being cuddled. Having my belly, ears, neck and on top of my nose tickled! Ooo! N-i-c-e!!

Things I hate: Food with wheat or gluten in it - makes me very, very, VERY sick!! Not too keen on being bathed or groomed, but my groomer is VERY kind and understands me now!! Have pancreatitis now - and its a bummer!! >:'-(

My favourite walks: In the woods near where I live. When we visit a beach - I LURVE it!!!!! In fact, I love anywhere I am taken and I can meet new friends, two or four legged!! Mum has stopped using her mobility scooter, cos she can walk better now. But I do have a pushchair for when I can't walk and have to be carried. Mum still can't carry me because of her poorly back.

Other pets who share my home: Things have changed in my household ..... I now have a little brother, who instead of hair has FEATHERS (whatever they are) and he is called "CORKEY" (stupid name!!) Mum says she is going to put some photographs she's taken of him! Huh!! Me? Jealous? Of a BIRD! You must be kidding! Grrrrr!!!

My favourite saying: "Are you coming in the car with me?" "OK - walkie time!" "Where's (name of toy)?" (and I go and fetch it and play for ages).

Breed: Yorkshire Terrier
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Female
Birthday: 25/04/2005
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: Sandra
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