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I came to live with my Mum in 2003, I think I was about 18mth - 2yrs old then. I was a rescue dog and had been badly mistreated in the past.  I used to be too frightened to bark and I was scared of the dark, now I am only scared of the vet!.


I live to play, with anything, with anyone and anywhere. My Mum say's I am very well behaved and the only thing I do wrong is to bring the cats dish in to my basket when Mums out.   Mum looks at me disaprovingly, and I bow my head in shame and give her that woe is me look - Then she say's "it's a good job I love you, or you would be in real trouble lady" - then she hugs me.


I suffer from epilepsy, and I frighten the life out of Mum everytime I have a fit, I don't get  have them very often - maybe once or twice a year. . - Mums say's thats quite enough.


OOh wasn't Christmas fun, I had lots of pressies, new toys and bones, and lots of lovely food to eat.

It was snowing over Christmas here - still is in fact.


I love the snow, its great to run and play in and eat if I am thirsty. Mum doesn't seem so keen to play as I am though, she says "its too cold Sasha" - Cold - Cold I'm not cold I could stay out here for hours.


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Things I love: Woollen toys my Mum knits, especially balls. Treats, Treats and more Treats. Playing catch with Rossi the dog next door. Playing 'No peeking' (this is where I go upstairs and Mum hides treats around the house, then I get to find them). Hugs and cuddles and kisses. Sneaking onto Mums bed when she is asleep.

Things I hate: Being told off, Getting into the bath, going to the vets.

My favourite walks: Anywhere I can run and play catch

Other pets who share my home: Tina, the cat!!! , she bullys me relentlessly, but Mum says she loves me really.

My favourite saying: Woe is me!!

Breed: German Shepherd Dog (Alsatian)
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Female
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: Skippy
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