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I've lived with this family for four years now, and I've really settled in well. I was very timid when I arrived and really unhappy for the first few nights, but everyone was very kind and now I'm really laid back, so long as I get my walks regularly. I love my visits to Gower Edge in Swansea because we can visit the beach (the picture shows me at Knab Rock by the Mumbles) and the bluebell woods. The rest of the time we live in the Midlands so the sea was a big mystery to me when I first saw it. No matter how much I barked at the waves they didn't listen to me though. My family say I'm a good advert for taking on a rescue dog, and they wouldn't be without me now - I do my best.


Rush's Friends

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Things I love: Playing catch,(or as I call it, "ballie") - all the time - anywhere - with anyone - now, tonight, tomorrow and for ever. Grandma and her dog Sophie, who is my best friend. Lying in in the morning.

Things I hate: Birds - I always bark at any that dare to overfly my airspace. Kids that occasionally feel the need to dress me in bizarre costumes (mentioning no names).

My favourite walks: Newbold Comyn - Leamington Spa; Caswell Bay, Rhossili and all the other beaches in Gower; Bike Path - Dunvant; Dunvant Park and Singleton Park - Swansea; Clyne Woods - Swansea; Royal Victoria Country Park, Southampton

Other pets who share my home: Smudge and Fry, two pet rats.

My favourite saying: Woof/Bark. Translation "Take me walkie-ballie now please".

Breed: Crossbreed & Mongrel
Type: Rescue Dog
Sex: Male
Birthday: 18/04/2004
Country: United Kingdom
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