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The Lady Titania

Queen of all the Faerie dogs

Lady Titania

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Lady Titania
Lady Titania
Lady Titania

Titania is a real lady and rather delicate about herself. Not for the Lady Titania nasty old mud or horrid wet.


When she's at home she is happy to play fight with the bigger dogs, and will growl fiercely at he big uncle Blue the alsatian. Outside though she is terrified of her own shadow. If she sees a stranger in the distance she'll run for home and meting a strange dog is sooo traumatic for her.


Titania adores cuddles and fuss like any beautiful girl accepts as her due.


When food comes out the precious little princess changes into a bouncing barking desperate little devil. She leaps higher than waist height without a problem and you would never recognise her as the pristine sedate lady she normally is.


Titania's best friend is George who she loves and plays with a lot.

Things I love: My mummy and cuddles. Food, more food and even more food. Don't care what it is I just want it. Melon, lettuce, dry bread anything just hand it over.

Things I hate: Noise, big scary people, big scary dogs, new things that make loud noises.

My favourite walks: Anywhere at all provided that I don't get muddy or wet.

Other pets who share my home: Too many to mention.

My favourite saying: Feed me!

Breed: Pomeranian
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Female
Country: United Kingdom
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