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Lord D'Arcy

Lord of this manor and don't you forget it

Lord D'Arcy

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Lord D'Arcy

D'Arcy is a truly special boy as he was bred especially for me after a very serious illness left me exptremely ill and unable to lift anything above a very small weight ever again. He made the difference and helped me to get back on to my feet, literally. When life was really very difficult he loved enough to make it work.


D'Arcy is a tiny little dog but has the heart of a lion. He will run for miles over rough ground and then ask when we can start again, nothing slows him down.


D'Arcy is my little precious friend.


The photo with the bigger black pomeranian is D'Arcy as a baby with his mother.


Being the smallest of our numerous resident dogs he is of course boss dog. Woe betide any of the others who think he isn't for a second or two. He's first to the door, puts them in their place regularly and is generally a tough little cookie.

Things I love: I love my mummy and consider it very important that I do everything possible to look after her. I may be tiny but I'd eat a burglar or a baddy who came near her. I love smoked salmon, roast duck, chicken, lanb and beef but pork is a little greasy for my liking. Tit bits are good too.

Things I hate: I hate it when other dogs think that they're in charge because I am, I am the Lord of this manor and it can get very tedious having to explain it to some of those others.

My favourite walks: Around the reservoir, across our fields, on the beach and anywhere as long as mummy goes too.

Other pets who share my home: THe list is so long I'd need to stay up for two nights to write it, suffice it to say that none of them is as important as I am.

My favourite saying: I'm in charge.

Breed: Pomeranian
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Male
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: thewitch
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