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Milly the Labradoodle

My wee dug


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We got Milly when she was 13 weeks as she was quite small when she was in the kennells and the breeder wanted her to grow a bit more before we could have her. She was well worth the wait and she now weighs a very health 25KG


Milly is a lovely natured friendly doodle. I have never seen her get angry even when being annoyed by our granchildren! or when other dogs snap at her when she wants to play (all the time)


She does not bark but occassionally goes wfffffff if strangers approach the house 


We love her to bits!

Things I love: Lazing about and going for walks.Having visitors and jumping up at them.Meeting and playing with other dogs. i like sneaking up to mum and dads bedroom and sleeping on the bed when they are not there

Things I hate: Walking to heel. Getting caught on mum and dads bed and getting put downstairs Getting a bath which happens a lot because I like getting dirty by jumping into any muddy puddles or water I can find

My favourite walks: Anywhere but probalky I like the woods best cause there is lots of sniffing to be done

Other pets who share my home: I am an only child

My favourite saying: Don't disturb me as I may be sleeping. "Come" then I know I am guaranteed a treat.

Breed: Labradoodle
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Female
Birthday: 04/07/2008
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: neillycos
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