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Lucy AKA Big Dog!

Lucy AKA Big Dog!

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Lucy AKA Big Dog!

I had a really bad start in life and was found in Ireland when I was very young puppy. I had been abandoned but I was rescued by the Dogs Trust and taken to their Kenilworth home.

I was there a couple of weeks until my new owners chose me, or rather i chose them and they couldnt resist me! I am sometimes very timid around other dogs especially boy dogs as i got bitten last year on my leg quite badly when I tried to play with another dogs ball in the park. I am lucky that my owners are so patient as they have put up with me chewing a lot of things especially my mummys shoes and teddies but she loves me so much i am forgiven straight away. I am now very well behaved (most of the time) and my mummy and daddy spoil me rotton letting me sleep in thier bed with them and have lots of treats. I am very lucky that my mummy and daddy work in a school so i get to have them at home with me all day in the holidays and we go on lots of good walks and walking holidays where we cammp and i even get to share their blow up bed!




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Things I love: I love walking with my mummy and daddy. We go on anything from short walks around the local park to climbing the 3 peaks (although not on the challenge). I enjoy chasing cats and my favourite toy is a rolled up pair of daddy's socks. I am very active and love going for walks. I get very excited about going in the car as i know i will be going far then. I love eating and when i stay at my Grannies I get loads of treats like a full sunday roast!

Things I hate: being cooped up and having nothing to do. the hoover water unusual noises wheelie bins dos sniffing round my bum

My favourite walks: canal walks where lucy can be off the lead to roam and explore Snowdon Ben Nevis Scaffel Pike Coomb Pa Kingsbury waterpark Hartshill Hayes

My favourite saying: Wheres your lead? You wannna go in the car? Where we going? Take you out?

Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Female
Birthday: 15/03/2005
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: sambo
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