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I was only a pup myself when I had my first litter. 7 puppies in total. I know where three of them are. Two with other people and one (Benji) lives with me.

Benji's father was a long-haired GSD and totally black.

No more puppies for me now. Thank Goodness!


Benji and I have been rescued by Andrew & Sue, who are looking after us. They are very kind, experienced dog handlers and have had other GSD before me and Benji. We feel very comfortable here and love Andrew and Sue very much as they do us.


Ruby's Friends

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Things I love: Bones, Walks, rabbits, tummy tickles, paddles

Things I hate: Going to bed, been locked up, being left on my own.

My favourite walks: Salt works (Marshes, Frodsham) at the moment....

Other pets who share my home: Benji, my son, Nan & Pumpkin the cats.

My favourite saying: A bone, A bone, my kingdom for a bone. or 'Get your lead'

Breed: German Shepherd Dog (Alsatian)
Type: Rescue Dog
Sex: Female
Birthday: 01/04/2008
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: Ruby
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