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hii im lil dixie

dixie dean

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Things I love: well i luv lyin in xspecialy in my mum darcy's bed even though i love my aunty mil more!!! long walks lounging in the garden eating bee's im ded hard ya see!! i lk beein cheekey n barking at all the cars that drive pas haha!!! luv other dogs!!!!!! i lk hunting in my garden iv been a bit nasty laterly n iv caught a mouse 2 birds an s few bee's but i think there jus toys so i dont mean it!!!!!!!!xxxx

Things I hate: h8 my tail being pulled it does me head in!!! i h8 it wen me dad shouts at me i jus stair at him till he givs in n gives me a stroke!!! h8 it wen im left in on my own n my darc n mil rnt in 2 snuggle wiv me n play wiv my toys!!!!

My favourite walks: love walkin wiv big mum mo the shop wen she goes 2 get ciggys coz i go in the shop n the nice ladys gives me sweets!! i also lk goin on walk wiv my mum n mil n there friends every one laffs at me wen the pull there bottles water an a bowl out 4 me they all say im a snob but im not they are!!

Other pets who share my home: well r mil has got 2 fish spongie n squidworth!!!!! there coll we all miss r patrick though ripXX

My favourite saying: woof!!!!!!!!

Breed: Pomeranian
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Male
Birthday: 20/03/2007
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: slade
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