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Dyson (and Nifty)



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I am now 15 weeks old and thanks to advice received from members of DFB have had lots of age appropriate walks (overdoing it before)   I am getting better with the toilet training and have only had one accident this week!    I am walking off the lead in my local woods and over the fields too - so far I haven't wandered once (must be those treats she keeps in her pocket)  -   I'm hoping that the teething thing is not going to worry me too much   -  See you all next week 


By the way - Picture....Folkestone, Dyson & Dawn 


Folkestone Beach with Dawn




17 weeks old tomorrow and am beginning to realise that I am alot faster than Nifty - I can now snatch a discarded B-B-Q'd sausage right from under her nose (it probably helps that she is both partially blind and deaf)

Still making progress with Polly (siamese cat) - we chase each other around the house and have 'fetch' competitions (she will retrieve for a longer duration than me)  

Am loving my walks and had no accidents for a while now.......................  



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Things I love: Eating, running, eating, pulling the stuffing from Nifties bed and eating! I am also rather fond of going out in the car now - I sit patiently between Dawns feet in the passenger well (and fall asleep after 5 mins!)

Things I hate: Being ignored

My favourite walks: Beaches, woods, fields - anywhere that I can prove myself a good boy by going off lead

Other pets who share my home: Nifty (13 yr old Mongrel bitch) - who now has a new lease of life since I came home :-) Poll' & 'Nut - 11 month old Siamese Cats - Poll loves me, we play for a little while every evening, Nuts not so sure yet! & Fish - our 7 yr old fancy goldfish

My favourite saying: I know they were in this pocket last night!

Breed: West Highland
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Male
Birthday: 23/04/2009
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: Dyson
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