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Hearing Dog Mum


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My name is Jolly. I am actually owned by the Hearing Dogs for Deaf People charity. I live with Dave and Elaine who look after me. My job is to have a litter of puppies each year who will hopefully all go on to become working hearing dogs.


My last boyfriend was Sooty. He is a poodle and after we got together earlier this year I had a litter of puppies in April - six gorgeous cockerpoos. We achieved a certain amount of local fame when we were featured in the local press...... The puppies are now all with solcialisers who will look after them for abut 9 months when they will hopefully go on to their intensive training in preparation for being placed with a recipient i.e. a hearing-impaired person.


Jolly's Friends

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Things I love: Lots of cuddles - I am an irrepressible attention seeker. Food, of course, especially occasional treats such as my Kong stuffed with liver sausage and frozen.

Things I hate: Anyone or anything which distracts my owners and gets in the way of giving me lots of attention. This makes me sound a little bit needy, but I am more than happy to snuggle up quietly and snnoze away an afternoon or evening.

My favourite walks: Anywhere in the countryside, especially in the woods at Shotover near to home. Walking around the local streets isn't so much fun, especially with all the temptations around i.e. the litter and bits of fast food that lazy people drop on the street. My owners get frustrated with me when I get my nose to the ground and follow all of these interesting smells, but I'm only obeying my instincts, aren't I? Can I help it if humans are so untidy?!

Other pets who share my home: Two cats, Lilly and Tigger, with whom I have a paws length relationship.... I don't bother them if they don't bother me.

Breed: Spaniel (Cocker)
Type: Working Dog
Sex: Female
Birthday: 30/10/2005
Owner: Dave & Elaine
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