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Hi I'm Milly - I am a Belgian Shepherd dog although lots of people think is am a GSDX. I live in Somerset and spend my days running around or snoozing in the garden or house depending upon my mood. I have lots of doggy friends who I love to run around the fields with.

This is a picture of me with my dad - we are sitting on the back on his pick-up. He uses a ball thrower so that I have to run a long way down the garden to get my ball back.



Milly's Friends

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Things I love: Playing football with my dad and chasing after my kong in the fields. Snoozing on the settee with my mum. Going to stay with my sitters - they look after me so that I do not have to stay at home on my own, they have other dogs to stay so I play all day and am very tired when I go home at night.

Things I hate: Loud noises and having my teeth brushed.

My favourite walks: Along the river which runs at the bottom of my garden (very handy too cool off in when the sun is very hot). I love going to the beach but I am only allowed on the sandy bit in the winter.

Other pets who share my home: None - I am an only dog which is nice as I don't have to share my mum and dad!

My favourite saying: "fag on" as that means my dad will come outside and play ball with me.

Breed: Belgian Shepherd Dog
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Female
Country: United Kingdom
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