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Sadly Sam has now passed away and gone to run riot somewhere up there....

Things I love: Fetching sticks, squeeky toys, walking in the hills, splashing in lakes and tarns, nice long walks on a long long lead. Snuggling up with my mum. Fetching the morning papers. Holidays in my kennel on wheels (aka Caravan).

Things I hate: Fireworks. Coming home from hols. Cats. Other dogs - i find it difficult to mix. Pigeons. Vacuum cleaners and lawn mowers - i try to attack them!!!

My favourite walks: Lake District, Northumbria, Cotswolds, Wales, Norfolk. Along the coast, up hills, down dales, mountains - i am an all terrain collie.

My favourite saying: Do you want a coffee? usually at night - its my signal to go to the front door and prepare for my last comfort break before morning....

Breed: Border Collie
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Male
Birthday: 05/11/1998
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: Sams Mum and Dad