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Hi Everyone, my name is Charlie and i am a 1 year old male weimaraner.  I have lived with my mum & dad now in our house since i was 8 weeks old and boy have i grown in to a big boy in that time.  I am the only dog in my house though i get lots of attention from the humans i would secretly love another doggy playmate.  I hear my mum and dad talking about getting another dog, they want a Vizsla but they said that they want a rescue dog, whatever one of those are.  My mum says to ask your mums and dads if they know of any Vizsla's that may need a new home as me and my humans have a lot of love to give.  We live right by a country park which is where i meet up with my bestest friends, a fellow Weimie called George, a Wirehaired pointer called Sophie,  Spaniel 's Tilly & Tess to name but a few......i love to play chase and ball but i NEVER go in the lake as i don't like to get my paws wet!!!!!!!!!!

   I dont like it when my humans go to work but im lucky because they have both changed their job schedlues so that im not on my own for more than 3 hours a day which is fine with me as i generally just snooze whilst the folks are out earning pennies for taisty treats and new toys, sometimes whilst the rents are out my grandad comes round and takes me for sneaky walks and when they come back i get another walk from them....humans are not as clever as us dogs!!!!!!!!!!

  I sometimes let my mum and dad get on the sofa....only when i want a cuddle or a belly rub mind!!!!!  and i often try to sneak under my mum and dads duvet at night time whilst they are snoozing, if i time it right they don't notice untill the morning....told you they weren't that bright!!!!!!


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Things I love: My mum & dad, Long Walks in the fields, Playing chase with my balls, Scenting for rabbits, cuddles on the sofa, Cuddles in mum & dads bed

Things I hate: When mum & dad go out!!!!, Water, Mucky Paws, Dry Fod, When other dogs don't want to play, Being told off

My favourite walks: Stadt Moers, Delimere Forest, Walking to Grandads,

Other pets who share my home: None

Breed: Weimaraner
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Male
Birthday: 19/04/2008
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: bluenose
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