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I am off on my holidays soon, and I cant wait.  I have seen on the web that there are lost of tress and long walks were we are going.  Dad doesnt mind me using the internet so long as I dont visit the over 16's sites..... I am only 6 months but I am so full of energy.


This heat is a bit much though.  Mum made me a pool to put my feet in, ohhhhhhhhhh its grand.  Think I will come back as a short haired terrier next time, not so hot.  When Dad is working he lets me sit in the doorway looking out at the garden.  Loads of birds fly around, they must get so tired in this heat.  Saw a few cats too, I let them wander too hot to be bothered but wait till it cools, I show them who's patch this is.  What a cheek.


I love to eat bark, its yummy, have to get ti secretly though, Mum and Dad dont approve, but they normaly spot I have a moth full and make me spit it out, what a waste


Things I love: I love walks and to run around like a mad rabbit. FOOD!!!!!!!!! especially yummy treats. Holidays, especially if there is plenty of room to play and if my friend Jess is there, she's cool. Shes a bit older than me and is a GS-Collie cross and is great fun, we play for hours. Mum and Dad try to amke us stop when we are tired but we pretend and keep teasing each other when they are not looking

Things I hate: Having a bath, but I know if I am good I will get a treat. Watching Mum and Dada eat, they give me nothing, whats all that about then..... I'd share my food if they asked. The heat, Mum and Dada have an aircon and if I am good I get to share.

Other pets who share my home: Lots fo tropical fish.... how come they can breathe under water and they must be really clean as they are alwasy in water. Siily things, they will go wrinkly

My favourite saying: Take it..... that normally means treats Mmmmmmmmmmmm

Breed: Retriever (Labrador)
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Male
Birthday: 03/01/2009
Country: United Kingdom
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