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Harley the Pomeranian

Harley the scottish pomeranian


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Things I love: Loves sleeping, being cuddled and fussed over, getting wet and muddy in puddles, opening bags of treats, going to the beach and running in the sand, ignoring my mum when she calls me back on the beach, I keep running.

Things I hate: being shown at dogs show, but I love going to grooming contests and having my photo taken.

My favourite walks: I like to be carried everywhere I go, Im a princess I dont walk, but let me off the lead and ill run for miles

Other pets who share my home: I live with my 5 other pomeranians Winnie, Ted, Ceilidh, Ciara and Cruz

My favourite saying: Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole. ~Roger Caras (my mum says this about me )

Breed: Pomeranian
Type: Show Dog
Owner: cheristar
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