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Things I love: I love my Mammy, she runs a dog walking & pet sitting business which means I get to make lots of new friends! I love running through really long grass, food & relaxing at home with my sister Ellie

Things I hate: I hate when I'm in the car & people on motorbikes get really close ( I always bark at them!), I don't like thunder either, it scares me a little bit.

My favourite walks: I love being out anywhere! My Mammy takes me out every single day for at least 2 hours to burn my excess energy, I love being near water & I'm just learning how to swim!

Other pets who share my home: I have a sister called Ellie, she is 3 & a Springer Spaniel, she's older than me but i'm much bigger so I like to think I'm in charge!! I have a brother too, I don't see him very often because I would try to eat him if I got too close, he's a mouse called Steve! I have lots of friends who come for 'sleep overs' because of my Mams work, I like it as I can play with them!

My favourite saying: I don't have any favourite sayings, I'm a dog! It's a good job my Mam can read my mind though, if I could talk I'd probably ask for treats & cuddles, I'm just a big greedy softie.

Breed: Weimaraner
Type: Pet Dog
Birthday: 28/08/2007
Owner: Paula
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