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Jake at Steep Meadow


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I am a rescue dog - I was three when I came to live at Steep Meadow. I looked awful as I had been in the kennels for a bit and my white coat had turned yellow from the disinfectant and of course I wasn't what they call house trained!


I am now - well almost until I forget and am - white and brown

One of my favourite games is to fins a fox poo and roll in it before I am stopped. Funny that i think i smell divine but it always ends up with me being bathed. Not that I find a bath. Afterwards it is fun to run around like mad and then sit in front of that hot air thing that fluffs up my coat.


In our fields live 2 Dexters - I keep out of their way as they are a bit too big for me to play with.


3 goats - you have to watch them but usually they are busy eating docks ugh fancy eating docks and weeds all day.

There are 3 pigs who are very friendly but I'm not keen on their food but they do like to run around and play chase.

The chickens are good fun - you only have to go boo well actually it sounds like woof and they rush about making an awful noise . they lay good eggs though and I sometomes get scrambled eggs with my biscuits.

Things I love: Bacon rind, catching mice,running about on the Meend, sleeping on the sofa,

Things I hate: cucumber, owls hooting,

My favourite walks: On the meend, any where in the Forest of Dean

Other pets who share my home: Jessie a rescue dog and Bishop and Basmati the cats - whose way I usually keep out of

My favourite saying: Dinnertime or walk

Breed: Crossbreed & Mongrel
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Male
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: Hellie T
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