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Hector Zionshill

(Heckty Scamp)

Hector Zionshill

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Hector  Zionshill
Hector  Zionshill
Hector  Zionshill

When I was a very small pup, I had a bit of my tail cut off in case I hurt it.  Rufus has all of his tail and never hurts it, not fair.  My human calls me stumpy sometimes.  I used to live in Dorset, but then one day Rufus and his two humans came to collect me and take me to Welwyn,  in a car!  I like my new house and family and one day I will be pack leader.  I keep trying but my plan for domination is usually thwarted by a human or the cat, who puts up the most resistance.  One day though I will be boss......



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Things I love: Chewing, chasing rabbits, chewing, playing with Rufus, chewing, playing with the cat, chewing, sleeping, running, jumping, bouncing, meeting new dogs, rides in the car. And chewing things.

Things I hate: Being told off for chewing, annoying Rufus, being smacked on the nose by the cat. Walks on a lead, boring!!! I don't like rain or being wet, which is unusual for a Vizsla. Rufus calls me a wimp.

My favourite walks: I love to go anywhere with long grass and lots of trees where I can flush Phesants, Rabbits, Cats (tee-hee), Pigeons, chase sticks and frizbee's with Rufus and knock over humans like skittles. I like to shout at Horses too, but I get told off for that.

Other pets who share my home: We live in a little house with no woods or seaside in it. I have to go in the car to get to those. I live in the house with Needles O'Teeth the cat, he never wants to play with me. Rufus is my best pal, he is a Vizsla but a bit older than me and a bit lazy, sometimes he gets cross and barks at me, then the humans think I am being a pest but I am only playing. I also have two human 'masters' (yeah, right) and some other humans come to see us and then go again.

My favourite saying: I can almost say 'Hello' in human speak, apart from that I like to chat and make noises all the time!

Breed: Hungarian Vizsla
Type: Pet Dog
Birthday: 24/06/2008
Owner: speedybright
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