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I'm Corrie, I'm a little black lab (I'm small for my breed but may still grow as I'm not quite 2 yet) I'm very beautiful and have gold flecks on my legs and a little on my face.  Mum says I'm a pure bred but somehow got dusted with the gold side of the family.  I come from Scotland and was born on a shooting estate so I have all my 'field' instincts, I'm not scared of guns at all and I love a good hunt for my ball - and swimming?...well Mum says I'm half seal and half dog ! (I even dive under the water).


Had a lovely walk today at the lakes, spent most of the time swimming and then jumping out on to the path and shaking myself over the nearest person (Mum and Dad said sorry loads)...Tee Hee!


Met a lovely big ridgeback today he was like my friend Drummer but he wouldn't go in the water with me - I tried but he was a big woose.


When I got home although I was tired I tried to make everyone play with me again - I love it when they throw the ball in my little pool ( a blue kiddy sandpit) I never tire of this game !...being black in this heat is not funny sometimes and I need to cool down fast after my walks. I love my pool.


Now I am stretched out on my blankie on the sofa having finally caved in to sleep - night, night 


 Here's me in my pool:


Me an my pool





























Been a bit cooler this week so I have bags more energy!...Loosing my winter fluff and looking sleek and a loving mood today and jumped on mum and dad to give them 'kissy nips' on the sofa.   Just ripping a tennis ball takes only seconds....I love tossing it in the air and catching it then butt tucking round the garden...woo hoo!  Going to watch mum do the 'Race for Life' tomorrow - should be a laugh and think there's a lake in the park so I will be happy with that ! 


The sock fetish

I have to ask if anyone else is as crazy as I am about socks ?....I love em !...Dad's socks especially.  The urge to have a sock in my mouth is overpowering especially in the morning - I welcome the day with a sock whilst waking Mum and Dad with my tail thumping against the bed and then my chin resting on the mattress - it seems to amuse them !  Problem is Dad can never find his socks and its just as well he got a job lot as they would never match - there's a soggy pile of socks in the garden most days.  When the doorbell goes I just can't make my welcome to my guests without a sock it just won't do.....and then I do my trademark woof with a sock in my mouth it comes out as Aroo, Aroo, Roo, Roo, Roo, whurrrrrr with lots of waggy tail.  Everyone laughs thats why I do it ! 


Up in St Albans

Went visiting my friends Drummer and Scout this weekend....what a laugh!  I did not sit still all weekend. Drummer's a ridgeback / rotty cross - he's gorgeous and only a pup - not quite in control of all his faculties yet - a big lummox but soft as butter.  He loves fighting me but I give back as good as I get - he's always nipping my ears and making me yelp on occassion.  But I still go back for more - I'm a bit of a tease you see......  Scout's the boss man though - he's a wee cairny and he tells us two to pack it in when we get too rowdy!

Sunday morning we got up early and went a walk in the quarry and woods and I found a deer (mum calls them munchkins) it was a mountjack - I was so surprised - but I recovered and chased it closely followed by Drummer and Scout.

In the afternoon we all went swmming in the quarry - 6 humans and 5 dogs !...the other 2 were labs but were not as strong swimmers as me - I might be small but I'm mighty !  We swam and swam and swam and swam ...good fun had by all - we had loads of interspecies races going on - guess what...I won apart from the last race when I was flaggin a little....but I had been in the water a long time.




us fighting....


I found a big stick.....





 I'm a mentor !

I've been a really good girl this weekend - I've been helping train a little Jack Russell pup - he's called Basil (Baz)- he's only 4mths but he already has 'attitude' and got chucked out the vets last week (little man syndrome).  So I've been roped in (quite literally) to help out.  At first Baz let loose and yapped and yapped and tried to nip at me but then when he calmed down we started to play and lo and behold he quieted down and began to behave himself.  It was funny when I picked up my 'squeaky' ball as he raised the pitch of his yip to match my ball!  Then we all went off on a walk together and my mum attached me to Baz with my double ended mekuti harness lead then let me go free with him.  That was fun!...I taught Baz how to come back to his handler and more importantly how to be 'social' with other dogs - he's getting there and I think he feels safe with me close by now that he knows me.  And a bonus for me I got a new friend (and toy!) - Baz - I throw the ball and he fetches it for me ! (how cool is that?).  He's not too keen on my dog pool though - which actually is a good thing cos sometimes he gets a bit much and I need a rest.  I was totally pooped on Sunday night after playing with him....but then I was butt tucking like a puppy too - its infectious! 


The Kent Show

Went to the Kent show yesterday - so much going on - I couldn't concentrate on walking to heel and spent all day saying 'Hi' to loads of dogs of all shapes and sizes.... Also met some rather strange animals that smelled reeeeaally funny - they mooed at me and I was a bit taken aback.  Met a dalek and Titan the robot - was a bit scared of them and everyone was laughing at me (hmmph).  Then I went to watch my cousins the gun dogs....they were amazing, they say its in my blood too, I watched very closely what was going on and would love to have had a shot at the retrieving.  I was bought a new lead - not sure I like it much as I now have to be really good when walking to heel.  Tried some new doggy food too.  Was shattered when I got back home - not so much all the walking around but all the mind boggling sights got to me.  Still Mum and Dad say its good for me.  Looking forward to Paws in the Park in September - dying for another shot on the splash and dash - oh yes - I've been practicing my belly flops and running jumps at the lakes!


The New Forest...

I know somethings up when my bed gets packed in the car...then my food dishes and a large bottle of makes me really excited !.  A couple of hours later - and we were there - we dumped the bags in the hotel and off we went back to visit our favourite spots - first stop the ford at Blackwater. Its about 20mins walk from the track - but I remembered the way - I ran full tilt into the ford - it's soooo refreshing - reeeeeally cold.  I set to guddling at the banks (paddling my paws to dislodge the sticks sunk under the water) then diving down and grabbing them.  Then splashing after the ball - I like to get both a stick and my ball in my mouth at the same time - it drives me mad but I have to keep trying.  The sun was out and Mum and Dad sat by the side of the ford and laughed and chuckled at me for ages.  Then they tried to cross the stream over a fallen log - Dad managed no bother but Mum was a bit wary - so I jumped up to show her the way and barged past and fell in...embarassing.. but I jumped out and did it again...this time Mum nearly fell in and I soaked the bottom of her jeans. 

Then we ate some lunch by the Ober water and watched all the foals and NF ponies.  I'm much better with them now and 'leave' well alone .....they have even less road sense than me - they toddle across the road without looking and we saw one try to take out a cyclist (it was quite funny actually - poor guy was scared).  We walked along the Ober water ( I swam along).

We saw beautiful demoiselle damsel flies (metalilc green/blue) and loads of butterflies (always good for a chase).  We saw carriage horses in the woods like the really old days with the long ta-ra-ra-ra horn thingy - I got  really excited and wanted to run with the horses - Mum said that's what dalmations do but I think mega fast labs could too.  We ate fish and chips in the car at 'The Bank' then went for a run over the hill at sunset - I had a great time but was pretty tired when we got back to the hotel - the staff were laughing at me ambling in the door like it was my second home (well it was !).  Next day was more fun in another ford in Blackwater - this one was harder to get to and had a deeper pool so I had to swim more - I found if I dropped the ball on one side  it went under and I could find it again at the other - magic ! - we drove up to the deer park at Bolderwood - they smell strong those things with


I let Mum and Dad go for a meal in the hotel tonight whilst I caught up on the Z's...I was very good and did not utter a sound (I'm good in hotels I'm a very quiet little girl)...when they came back I stirred briefly from my position in the middle of the bed (dead comfy it was, I know I shouldn't but I was so tired and it seemed so inviting) - Dad had brought me some cheese and biscuits which we scoffed together after my evening wander across the road next to the golf course.  I tried to eat some smelly stuff lying on the ground everywhere but Mum 'tutted' at me so I left it alone (I like to experiment with anything remotely edible).

I really love the New Forest - but it doesn't half tire me out - so much to do for a little

black lab - so many smells to explore and water to be swum in.  We are all very chilled out after our little break.......(happy sighs)


Me and my ball in the Blackwater ford....


I look more otter than dog...look at the wee whiskery face....


waiting on the ball popping out from the other side....




Puppy days....

When I was a pup I lived with a wonderful family up in Scotland, I was a very lucky girl and spent lots of happy times up there on the moors and mountains.  Here's me playing with my friend Tarquin the deerhound on a cold and misty morning  sea lough:


Sometimes I think of my old family especially when I see groups of children playing - I always want to go see what they're up to and if they want to play 'chase' !!  Here's a pic of my beautiful mum 'Zara' and my brother 'Ollie'

Zara my beautiful mum (I have her sweet nature from the looks of things)                




and Ollie who has the same gold dust through his coat as I do - (but I think I'm much prettier....)













and here's me getting 'buried' in the sand at Sandyhills beach - I haven't grown out of the 'getting my face dirty' stage yet....I still come in from the garden or woods with a dirty face from time to time (especially if I've been rolling in yummy smelly puddles...hee hee ).


I hope to see my old family soon - then they can see what a beautiful little princess I've become !  I know they like to read my stories on this website - Hi up there ! - (Aroo, Aroo, wuff, wuff )   xxx.








I used to live with a cat and so I know how to 'purr' - I like to purr when everyone is paying me lots of attention - they all laugh at me when I do it - I don't know why - I think I'm really clever that I can do that !

We have quite a few cats in my street - I am interested in them but I don't chase them...I tried to make friends with Jemima cat but she hisses and spits at me - I tried to get her to play with me and do some butt tucks round the garden but she looks at me as though I am crazy ! Perhaps it was the first time she met me when I jumped into Jason's fish pool beside his prized carp ! Mum and Kate were falling about laughing while they extricated me from the pond net - they didn't tell Jason till later - luckily the fish were fine...I was hot and the pool was inviting me in - I couldn't resist..... !


Today my mum bought me a rubber frisbee !.....wheee! had to be rubber because if it was plastic it would be in pieces by now (can't help it - I love to chew).  Its made by Kong so its pretty indestructible - but never say never !. We took it up to the park and I was expecting my ball so it surprised me when it flew over my head.  I have to say Mum and Dad were pretty rubbish at throwing it and I think they need a lot of practice - however there were a few good throws and I jumped up in the air to catch it - twice ! It had me fair tuckered out though - a couple of times when I caught it I threw it on the ground and jumped on it with my front paws and tried to rip it and throw it around my head like I do with my rubber rings - but it survived, grrrrrr.  It got covered in slobber and dirt and though I don't mind I think Mum and Dad decided gloves are in order for future use !  I kept it with me in the car on the way home - its my favourite toy (next to my ball). 

Uncle vet sent me a letter today - I need to go and see him for my annual check-up - I love him - he thinks I'm a crazy dog - he throws me my wormer pills and I wolf them down - well I'll eat anything ! I need to see about my passport too - I want to go to France next year - Wuff La France !

 Paws in the Park

On Sunday my mum and dad told me that the day was devoted to me (yay!) so I had a fab day out with my young friend Basil (Baz) - we met tons of doggy friends !...It was so exciting at first we could hardly contain ourselves and Baz couldn't stop talking (yapping) he was so hyper but he calmed down after a while (specially after we got him a rope lead - heh heh). 

 We went straight to the 'Splash n Dash' (I was a bit scared of this last year) - this year I was raring to go and couldn't wait to get in the water - I qualified for the final with flying colours and had my shot at the big dash (I jumped 12 feet but the champion dog jumps 23 feet!)!


Woo Hoo....


Me and Baz went shopping and got lots of goody bags and toys - I tried this soft bed:


Then Baz said he was feeling a bit hungry so we grabbed some coffee and ice creams (and doggy biscuits)  and plonked on the grass for a rest.  I was tired too (but just needed a little nap).  After a little while I got my energy back (and so did the rest of the entourage) - I met the most gorgeous Rottweiler - I just love Rottie's - he thought I was cute too - I laid down in front of him and crawled towards him to say hello - the owner was laughing his socks off !  I just wanted to say Hi and was being really, really gentle and friendly. We watched the terrier racing - Baz and I stuck our heads under the fence to watch - it was crazy - Jack Russells running everywhere and owners trying to catch them - then you should have seen the labs demolishing the hay bales where the little furry squeaky thing went - I would love to have a go at that !.  Then we went to have a look at the 'have a go' agility.  That was fun - first mum and then dad took me through the course - I got so excited I was yowling and squeaking like mad cos I wanted to get at it and jump 'hup' on all those things and jump the jumps and run through the tunnel and up the see saw - yeah it was fuuuuunnnnn. After that we went to see the dashing dalmations running behind the horse carriages and watched the huge furry bear New Foundlands pulling their litte carts.  We played in the paddling pool with the other dogs - chasing balls through and under the water - I caught one of the big footballs and burst it ! (shhhh don't tell Mum or the football owner) - I taught Baz that there is nothing to fear so long as you know how to swim - I loooovveee water its my favourite thing to do. 


Here's me running over the ramp on the agility course:


Then it was time to go home - I was happy about that and fell asleep in the car on the way home - but after everyone had a cup of tea me and Baz still found some time to play in the garden:


Baz saying thankyou to his Auntie Corrie and giving me a cuddle !

Went to visit my pals Drummer and Scout at the weekend.  It was a bit muddy but that never holds me and Drum were chasing each other round the horses field. Little Gizmo (black shetland pony) had been rolling in the mud and was rather wet so he was getting fussed over and brushed and combed (his mane looked like dreadlocks) first I thought he was a big black dog so being the friendly girl I am I snuffled his nose - he snorted at me! So I tried again then I did my little play bow to see if he would chase me but he only pricked his ears up at me.  So I gave up and ran after Drum some more.  Then I spotted it...a ready made Corrie bath....aka the horse trough - I dived right in...Drum thinks I'm crazy and I heard mum groan - I looked up and she is laughing at me - its not that cold huh  (erm 9C)?  I hope the horses like dog-flavoured water....soooorry ! (I was hot).  After tea me and Drum had a snooze head to head - we are best pals !   My Aunty Ann brought me a Basil Brush toy today.....its great....30seconds and I had its nose off...followed closely by the stuffing...I just have to chew all the bits off - can't help it (I don't eat them though I always spit the bits out) 


We had some pretty scary visitors tonight......but once I got over my shock I saw they were getting sweeties and I wanted one too...they were friendly after all.  Strange orange thing though:


I tried to find out what it was....

Happy Halloween!...

Woooooo Hoooooo!...its snowed - I can hardly contain myself - its all over my garden this crazy white stuff.

I've been playing with my plastic makes a good scoop...I can get lots of snow with it...

I can't find my toys!.....the snow's been hiding them...well I'll just have to sniff them out (I love that game anyway)....I'm sooooo excited....


Hope this sticks around...looking forward to my walk today


Well thats Xmas and New Year over with - was fun though - I got lots of tasty titbits from everyone and my plastic snowman is now nibbled at both ends (minus the squeaky).  Got a surprise today as we went over to the lakes for a snowy usual I headed for the water but boy was it cold.....doesn't stop me though - I love my swims.  It was great afterwards as I love a good rub down in the back of the car (was funny though cos a big golden lab tried to get in beside me !) however I do like my comfort and am happily wrapped up on the sofa with my blankie right now.  My Aunty Wendie was playing with me the other day (I love my Aunty Wendie I always give her loads of cuddles and kissy nips especially on her feet) and look what she did to me!:


Actualy I think I look rather sweet - I was trying to say it was time for bed !


Looks like there's more snow on the way - YAY !....look forward to that.

I was a naughty girl today -  but when the opportunity arises you gotta take it !....I was just settling down in my bed by the Xmas tree when I got a whiff of something sweet smelling....I snuffled about but I couldn't quite trace it when suddenly as I lifted my nose up it got stronger - so I snuffed some more and yes there it was again - it was something on the Xmas tree.  Some more snuffs and I located it...whoa...gingerbread and icing sugar..yeah it was that little thing hanging up there only just within reach.  I closed my mouth around it and pulled gently (I didn't want to topple the tree), it came off and I was just about to munch it down when I hear Dad speaking to me - I whipped around but too late I could see I had been rumbled...luckily Mum and Dad thought it was funny and were pleased to see me using my nose to such good effect - they must have watched the whole thing as Dad took the piece of string off and gave the biscuit to me to finish off.  Good tactic that - must remember for next Xmas !

Ooooh  I haven't been writing for a while....naughty!  Just thought I'd tell you about by visit up north to Lowestoft.  Mummy and Aunty Wendie popped me in the car with all my stuff (I was puzzled) and off we toddled  - a few hours later (after a slightt detour) we were there and I was greeting my old friends Benson and Rosie (two adorable bichon frises) then we went off to this fantastic place with sand and a lake that moves ! I ran and ran and ran in the sand it was great - then there's this huge lake that moves and wants to play - it kept splashing up and hitting me even when I was standing still - rather odd but fun I decided !  There were loads of humans and dogs to play with - I love the little humans they never tire of throwing the ball for me  - we even played at rolling it down the chute and I caught it at the bottom. I loved playing with the frisbee and ball even though we lost one last seen heading to Amsterdam...but next day I got even more balls (I love my balls - thank you Russell) and we went back to the beach again - yay !  I was on my best behaviour (my mum taught me good manners) and Wendie's mum said I was welcome to visit anytime ! - thanks Wendie's mum - I'll be back !. Here's me having some fun:


I got kinda slobbered and sandy !:


Here's my pals Benson and Rosie !


and here's me and that strange moving lake:

Well wow can't believe its so hot and its only April - what gives? I have had to demand my pool be brought out the garage and put on the decking !  I have been stalking those flippin birds in my garden today - those wood pigeons are so disrespectful they need a good old WUFF! to sort them out....  I see mum has been weeding - what a pain she keeps pulling up my favourite grass - doesn't she know thats my salad ? I'm partial to my greens - give me a nice piece of broccolli and I'm perfectly happy.

I've discovered I have a very good voice - I have even tried some human speak recently - when they ask me if I want my dins (dinner ) if I grumble at them and they get in faster - bonus ! so I tend to grumble at them now when I'm hungry - works wonders...









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Things I love: Water, anything with water in ponds, baths, dirty puddles, cow troughs Food - especially strawberries, carrots and broccoli Walks in the woods and swims in the lake Watching the world go by in the back garden Snow !! Squidgy balls Doggy chocolate buttons Playing kissy nips with Dad Dribbling and footie with Dad and my balls Cuddles with Mum

Things I hate: Getting my toenails clipped (although I don't mind the grinder)

My favourite walks: Down by the Blackwater ford in the New Forest. Up the wibbly wobbly way in Walderslade woods. Leybourne lakes. Capstone Park. Shorne Wood country park. Lowestoft beaches

Other pets who share my home: I'm on my own for now....but maybe later....actually I'd quite like a little friend for when I can't get mum and dad to play....

My favourite saying: Wuff (in a deep husky tone)...and get off that laptop mum.....

Breed: Retriever (Labrador)
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Female
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: HeatherBells
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