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My name is Toto and I am three years old. I am a bit mongrel like as always classed as a Collie Cross. I don't mind what I am classed under as I am 100% character and have sooooooooooo much love to give. I was born on a farm on the moor in Cornwall, all my brothers and sisters sold straight away but not me..then mum and dad came along and gave the "last puppy in the litter" a good home. I was very naughty when I was young and chewed everything at great expense to my new owners but they brought me a "toy box" and I learnt that I could do what I like with these toys as long as I stayed away from the furniture!!!
These days I am commonly known as "International dog" as my mum and dad moved me all the way from Cornwall to London and then on to Singapore. I don't mind as it means that they love me. I don't like being away from Mum as I go of my food and sit at the door waiting for her - I am kind of loyal like that. I have been in Singapore for 3 months now and I am doing really well at getting used to the climate…when I get to hot mum and dad take me to the beach to cool down. I have to be careful though as some times I get over-excited and the heat makes me ill!
I am famous for "moulting" and hate bath time but most of all I hate it when mum and dad Hoover! I am a creature of habit and can be neurotic sometimes but mum and dad have taught me when to relax and just chill out
I love anything to do with exercise which is ok cause my mum likes to keep fit too - she gets up at 6am every morning to take me out for an hour and then she has to go to work. I am never left at home alone though as Dad works nights so I get to have him all to myself during the day….this is fun as I always get to go to the park at lunch time and play Frisbee. I like to please mum and dad and am very good at doing high jumps and ball catching "with a twist". They always reward me so I love doing these tricks plus all this walking and exercise stops me from becoming a lazy fat dog
I will love to hear from other Singaporeans dogs as I haven't had a chance to make many friends yet
Big Lick
Toto (Woof!)

Things I love: Exercise, Cuddles from Mum and Dad and Perfume! (Long Story)

Things I hate: "cat-cat", the Hoover, Bath Time and "Being Made To Eat"

My favourite walks: All but especially to the beach

Other pets who share my home: None which is good cause I get all the attention

My favourite saying: "ball-ball", "Frisbee", "cat-cat" and "stick"

Breed: 0
Type: Pet Dog
Owner: chicklorraine
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