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We adopted Cassie from the RSPCA in July 2008. Many people had been interested in her but thought she had too many problems.


  She was 5  and had been left out on the streets. She had both types of mange and allergies.We gave her special baths, special food and treatments for her skin. She also had to wear pyjamas and t-shirts to stop her scratching her skin sore. Very sadly at Christmas she developed cancer and despite the very best efforts of her vet the cancer couldn't be beaten and she died in February 2009. She was the sweetest little dog. When she looked at you it was as if she was looking deep into your soul. Everyone she met loved her, even the Tesco delivery man was very upset when he heard that Cassie had died.


Cassie's Friends

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Things I love: Cuddling up with my owners. Chicken for dinner, raw carrots. My bear who I like to rough up a bit after dinner.

Things I hate: Don't really hate anything

My favourite walks: The seaside

My favourite saying: Can I have a biscuit please

Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Type: Past friend
Sex: Female
Birthday: 29/06/2003
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: Chrislt
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