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Buster Smith

A proudly Mancunian mutt


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I was born in July 2008 and I'm a cross-breed. No-one really knows my parentage but people tend to think I have a bit of black Labrador, a bit of collie, a bit of whippet or a bit of staffie. One of my proudest moments was when a passer-by mistook me for a Manchester terrier; although I like being a mutt I do love Manchester which is my home town. In fact I was adopted from Manchester Dogs' Home in December 2008 when I was four months old and quite a bit thinner than I am now.


I live in Cheshire and I commute into Manchester city centre four or five days a week with my owners who run a  PR agency. I usually commute by car, with my comfy dog bed in the back seat, but sometimes by train where I get fussed by the nice ticket inspector. At work I like to just hang out getting stroked by staff and clients, and barking at delivery men when I get half a chance. At home I like going for long walks, which is a chance to socialize with all sorts of dogs. I'm no snob and I'm happy to socialize with pedigree breeds if I have to.


Sometimes I get taken to the seaside, which I love. I like the water, although I haven't swum just yet. I also get taken hill-walking which is brill, although those pesky sheep are everywhere.


My worst habit is scavenging and I've been called 'clingy', but I make up for all that by having otherwise exemplary behaviour. I love life and I love being a dog.


My main message to the wider world is that rescue dogs give a lot of love back!

Things I love: Manchester (especially Ancoats), the seaside, Manchester and Cheshire Dogs' Homes, fast food litter that I can lick off the pavement, commuting by train, 'working' in PR, visiting my cousin Digger, running in fields, being tickled on my belly, the sound of wolves on TV, indestructible dog toys, going on holiday, bedtime

Things I hate: Cats, pigeons, being disturbed during my night-time sleep, getting brushed, getting washed, people walking too near my front door

My favourite walks: Ainsdale Beach, The Devisdale in Bowdon, Lligwy beach on Anglesey, Sunbank Woods near Wilmslow, the park off Ashely Road in Hale, Shutlingsloe ("Cheshire's Matterhorn")

Other pets who share my home: None

My favourite saying: "You can't teach a young dog new tricks"

Breed: Crossbreed & Mongrel
Type: Rescue Dog
Sex: Male
Birthday: 05/07/2008
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: Jane
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