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My mummy fell in love with me when I was 1 day old.  My birth mummy lives with my Grandad.  They bought her in Ireland and didn't know she was pregnant.  She gave birth to 3 puppies, 1 boy and 2 girls.  The boy stayed with Grandad and birth mummy and my sister was taken by a lovely lady for her children.  I visit my brother, Leo, and birth mummy all the time.  Leo and I fight all the time but we don't hurt eachother - we just like to play.  Birth mummy always growls at me, I think she's forgotten that I am her baby.

I am now 16 months old and love living with mummy and daddy in Hertfordshire.  We have Woods near our house and I love running around there.  Once I saw some Deer, but I wasn't scared, I wanted to chase them. 

Mummy and daddy spoil me and I love it.  I get lots of toys and treats and I hide them throughout the house.  Mummy doesn't like it when I hide treats in the sofa but I think its funny.



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Things I love: I love playing ball with mummy and daddy. Swimming is great and I love to splash and jump in the water. I love bed time as I get loads of cuddles from mummy and daddy likes to fight me, I win all the time!

My favourite walks: My favourite walks are through the woods where we live and over the park with with big lake. I'm not fussy though, just as long as I have a ball with me!

Other pets who share my home: We used to have 2 rabbits but they don't live with us anymore, I am happy about that because I get to have the garden to myself.

My favourite saying: Walkies!!

Breed: Spaniel (English Springer)
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Female
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: LouLou
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