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Rosie Joany's crazy life

Rosie Joany

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Hey I'm Rosie and i'm a yellow labrador.

I was born in October 1999 and went to live with my new family just before Christmas. I cried at night at first because i was so tiny, and i'd left my mum and brothers and sisters behind.Eventually i settled down because i got lots of hugs and kisses. That when i became a little naughty like all pups at that age and i started scratching the plaster off the wall in the hallway, it didn't last long though as i soon came to realise it was wrong and there was no need for me to be naughty. 




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Things I love: I love the rope on my Kong, the kong is fun but the rope is better i like when people sing or talk to me whilst they are just walking around the house i like to sit on the top of the ski slope and look at the view i like to have a crazy half hour every day but it's ok because my owner likes a crazy half hour too i like it when my owner comes back from university to see me, even though the rest of my family take very good care of me

Things I hate: i don't like cats coming on my garden, the only cat allowed on the garden is Polly but that's ok because i suppose its her garden too and she's the boss of the house anyway i hate when my owner goes back to university because i miss her. i hate the fact that some supermarkets have stopped selling the big bonios, those little ones aren't even a snack!!!!

My favourite walks: i like to walk up by the ski slope and watch people skiing and snowboarding. i also like to walk down to the hospital to pick my mum up from work

Other pets who share my home: Polly is a cat and she is the boss. She was here before me so i have to be nice to her otherwise she swipes me round the snout, and she has thumbs and extra toes so that can hurt. Most of the time we get on.

My favourite saying: Not so much a saying but i like to tease my owners by fetching the post from the doormat in to the living room and pretending to give it them and then turning my head just as they reach for it. it makes them laugh, but eventually i give it up.

Breed: Retriever (Labrador)
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Female
Birthday: 19/10/1999
Owner: Clairaclair
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