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Hello, my name's Brandie, and I am 15years old.

Otherwize known as Puppydog.


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   Brandie's Story


Hello, my name is Brandie Lawrence, otherwise known to my humans as Puppydog, Brandie pops, and Bonnie Lassie, I am a female, yellow lab cross.

Before my humans adopted me, I lived with another family, and they were mean to me, and to their other doggies. We were rescued, when I was about 16~18 weeks old. 

My four legged mammy, was a yellow Labrador, she was about three years old then, but was so ill, it was kinder for them to have her PTS.

My four legged daddy was a Collie Alsatian cross, he was about nine years.

When my human mammy and daddy, first saw me, I was two kennels down from him. My human mammy tells everyone, he was beautiful, and pure black in colour.He was waiting to be adopted by an elderly man, to keep him company.

My mum and dad, went away for a three day holiday, and came back the same night with me.

A man showed mum and dad around, I was the first wee doggie they saw.

As soon as I saw them, I knew I wanted these two humans, to adopt me, so I made sure I got noticed, hehe.

The man in the shelter, told my new dad to be, that normally I cowered and hid, when people came, he had never seen me so excited, nor had he ever seen my tail wag. I was so good, I even allowed, my daddy to be, to make a big fuss of me, and I didn't even try, to back away or hide, and my new mammy gave me my very first cuddle, (I liked this thing they called attention.) They said they wanted me, but the man said NO they could not have me. He said they lived too far away, for a home check, besides, I was malnourished, my coat was all scabs, sores and baldy bits.  

My mammy was determined, she said I was scared of being shut in the kennel and wanted to know why. The man said my first humans never let their doggies out, we were all locked in a wee room, and if one of us puppies missed the newspaper, all doggies were punished. and not fed. I had five brothers and sisters, but by the time we were rescued, no one knows what happened to my siblings.

My dad to be was allowed to take me into a wee area at the back on a lead, Daddy says that’s when he fell in love with me, (boy, he's slow, I loved him on sight.)

 My humans, were not long married when they adopted me, and mum knew the person she wanted the man to phone, would not know her married name, she explained this to the man, and gave her maiden name, and also her mum, dad and grandparents names and addresses, and asked the man to PLEASE, phone the Vet, in the town they lived in at the time.

The man went away to phone, and he was aaaaaaaages, and poor mammy was convinced she would not get to keep me.  Mammy was sad at the thought, she might have to leave without me. Then after nearly an hour, the man came back, with a great big smile, and told mammy to sign a piece of paper, and it would cost £40 something to take me out, Yipeeeeee. Mammy paid, and asked the man, what the vet had said to change his mind, he said the vet said lots of good things about mammy and her family, and he also said that the animals in mammys family, are better taken care of, than most people's kids. 

When we finaly reached my new home, I was so scared. strange smells, strange noises and people wanting to talk to me, but, I didn't know if they would hurt me or not, so I cuddled as close to dad, as I could, somehow I just knew he would protect me.

Then my new granddad, spoke to me, really gently, and soothingly, and offered his hand for me to sniff, which I did, but there was no food in it, so I quickly lost interest.  My new granny, took a tin of food, from the bag mum had brought in, and put some out for me, but I was scared they might take it away again, so I wolfed it down so fast, I was sick. (Sorry mum.) I was so scared, and would not let either mum or dad out of my sight. The first night, I barked and cried at every strange sound, so mum and dad put my new bed, next to their bed, (where it's been ever since, hehe.) I tried sleeping on my bed on the floor next to them, but still barked at every noise, till I wore them down, and mum let me lie beside her. When I started to bark/cry, at noises after that, mum would cuddle and say, shhh, go sleep, and I snuggled into her, and dosed off again. For some reason, I felt safe, with these two humans, I had just met. 

As I was adopted and taken home on the Friday, mum had to wait till the Monday, to phone the vet, the man in the shelter had spoken to.

Mum said it was awful, I looked so ill, and strangers were giving her dirty looks, when she walked me, as if they thought she had made me look this bad.

The vet was really nice to me, AT FIRST. He conned me into liking him with soft words and gentle pats and  even a treat. Then he subjected me to the indignity of injections, and he was prodding me, and he said I was a bit more damaged, than they had been told I was.

He said the barely healed wound on my left paw, looked like someone had inflicted it deliberately, with a sharp object, and it was he who discovered, that my leg had also been broken and allowed to heal unset. He also said I was around 18~20 weeks old, which mum said was about right, as the welfare shelter had, had me for around two weeks. Mum said she would bring me back the following week


I didn't know how to play, I'd never seen a toy, all I knew was fear and hurt before being rescued.

Mum bought a teddy in a local charity shop, as I wasn't impressed with the rubber rings etc. I love that teddy, I still have it today, it used to be pink, but has been washed so much, its a sort of pinky/white. My granddads, and other family members and friends, got me interested in toys, then crawled around the floor with me, till I learnt to play.

Now I have a huge box, full of toys, (Santa brings me some every year.)

I love the soft cuddly kind, still don't like the hard toys. My favourite is my very first toy. I play with all new toys for a while but always go back to my pink bunny. (My humans call it fluffybunny, silly humans.)

Now aged 15, I am a lot braver, and I love everybody, all a visitor has to do, is look at me and I am right over there, to get the thing they call attention.

I love children, I know a wee girl who is terrified of all dogs, except me, she says I am special, and impossible to be scared of.

I won't sleep at night unless mum puts a blanket over me, that’s because when I was first adopted I felt cold all the time, and I was covered to keep me warm, now I am used to it, and if tucked in at night, I sleep in my own bed, (most nights,) but I still like to sneak in with mum and dad, just to make sure I'm still allowed.

I am blind now, and I have arthritis on my bad leg, (the one that was broken.) Mum was worried about me straining to get up beside her on the sofa, or onto their bed, so dad bought me doggy steps. Three steps in a lightweight frame, placed beside the bed or sofa, or even the car.  Ahhh great to be spoilt hehe. ......... Aren't I a clever wee puppydog........ok ok, my human mum helped a wee bit, but only cos my spelling is rubbish,



Brandie went to sleep, aged 15yrs, 23/9/2009

Puppydog you may be gone from our home, but never from our hearts. 


Photo of Brandie. with her fav toy, (fluffybunny,) taken 18th Sept 2009

.Brandie's Portrait.


Night Night godbless, puppydog, rest in peace bonny lassie xxxxxxx






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Things I love: I love sneaking into, mum and dads bed, being covered at night, and playing with my favourite toy. I love cuddling up to mum on the sofa, and annoying her, when she is trying to read, by nosing the book. "How dare she try read, when I'm here, pet me, pet me, hehe." I am a clever dog, I taught myselt this trick, my daddy, has a disability, and if mammy is not in the room and he falls, I bark and bark, till either mum or a neighbour comes. Mammy and daddy, love me to bits.

Things I hate: I am terrified of fireworks. I never used to be, but some inconsiderate bampot, threw one near me, when I was about two. Mum tried all the herbal thingies, didn't work. Dad bought a CD, with firework noises, to help me get used to the noise. I'm not daft, I wasn't scared of a sillydaft CD, no matter how loudly they play it, it's the real thing I hate. On bonfire night, they put me in the car, with the stereo, on, so I can't hear the fireworks, and we drive around till the nasty noises stop

My favourite walks: In our old house, I used to love walking along the canal, now I love walking along the beach, or roaming a nearby park. given the choice though, I get more excited over the word car, than the word walk. MY humans think I can't spell, I know exactly what they mean, when the say, nearly time for W. (Like I don't know what W stands for.) Or even funnier, they spell it out, W~A~L~K. I can spell too you know, honestly, some people. If I get tired on a walk, I sit, and refuse to move another step,

Other pets who share my home: Bunnies, Blue, and Bino live in a huge hutch, and 15ft run, in the garden. They think they are doggies too, they follow me. I like to wash their faces.........they don't hehe.

My favourite saying: "Who's a bonnie Lassie then." I know it means, ME

Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Female
Owner: Brandie
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