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My name is Ruby, I'm 3 years old and I live with my Mom, my Nannan and Grandad and Uncle Matthew. They named me Ruby because I am a precious little gem.

I love my family very much and always like to be one of them, and I love to cuddle up close.


I was born in Trawden in Lancashire, where I left my doggy family, but I didn't mind because I got lots of attention and I didn't cry once on my first night in my new home. My Grandad made me a big pen to keep me out of trouble whilst I was a puppy, it even had a little round window for me to look out of, but i soon grew big enough to stand up and look over the top!


I love to go on big long walks, especially in lovely places like the lake district, but I have delicate little paws that get sore on long walks, at the time, I don't notice they hurt me, but I try to lick them better when I get home. My Mom bought me some walking boots like hers and I  have 2 pairs of socks to wear with them! I lost one of my boots coming down a big hill in the lake district, so my nannan walked back up the hill to find it for me whilst I waited at the bottom. I also have a nice thick jacket to keep me warm, because I am very precious and my mom cuts of my fur to keep me looking beautiful.

Here I am with my walking gear on!







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Things I love: I love "sweeties" the most, followed by going outside, then laying in bed, but sometimes I don't want to get out of bed in the morning to go and have a wee-wee. I can sleep in any bed I want to in my house, and I like to get right under the duvet and use my Mom's leg as a pillow. I sometimes like to sleep in between my Nannan and Grandad, but Nannan says i keep her awake so she takes me to my mom. I love seeing my best doggy friend Blue and his mom and dad on the field.

Things I hate: I hate other dogs because they are very scary, so I shout at them to make them go away from me!! I hate going in the bath too, but I don't mind standing in the sink to have my paws washed. I hate being groomed especially when my mom pulls the hair out of my ears!

My favourite walks: My favourite walks are on the beach, where I love to run around in big circles, and dig in the sand trying to "find it" but i've never found "it" and not even sure what it looks like but it seems to make my mom happy so i keep looking for "it". I love big long walks in lake district and like to feel wind in my beard!

Other pets who share my home: Sybil the gerbil. My Grandad found Sybil wandering the streets so he brought her home. I wanted to eat her at first but my Mom told me I was very naughty girl so now I daren't even look at Sybil when my mom gets her out of the cage, but i like to watch her in her cage where she can't hurt me.

My favourite saying: "SWEETIES"

Breed: Miniature Schnauzer
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Female
Birthday: 04/01/2006
Country: United Kingdom
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