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I'm a lovely dog - my humum says I'm the best dog in the universe. I came from a place in Wales where I'd lived in a shed with my mam for the first year of my life. The dog warden took me to Pine Ridge dog sanctuary in Berkshire (or is that bark-shire?) just the day before my humum went there to look for a dog.

I was very nervous and was scared of a lot of things but I'm now just cheeky and gorgeous and everyone loves me...... which is grrrrrrrreat :o)

A year later we moved 'home' to Lancashire - it was very strange at first but I soon realised there were far more (and much more interesting) places to walk there than there are in Surrey.

My humum thinks I'm half cat, she says, cos I spend most of the time asleep and like sitting on people's laps. Apparently I'm too big for that but, y'know what? They should get bigger laps, shouldn't they? (I've put a picture of me sitting on my friend Maggie's lap, just to prove how elegant I look)


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Things I love: Rolling in the grass (especially if it's frosty), running on the beach, swimming, going on holiday to Auntie Julie and Uncle Guy, chasing cats & bunnies, being dried with a hairdryer, lying on my back and having my tum tickled, sleeping

Things I hate: Having my toenails cut GRRRRRRR Nothing else - life's too short to hate :o)

My favourite walks: Anywhere I can charge around off my lead but especially the shore and the beach along the north Lancs coast

Other pets who share my home: Sometimes my dog-pal Charlie comes round to stay so I put his picture on as well - he's a Springer Spaniel and if he's a bit blurry in the photo, that's cos he never stands still for long! Otherwise it's just me but I have plenty of dog-pals outside

My favourite saying: CATS!

Breed: Crossbreed & Mongrel
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Male
Birthday: 23/05/2001
Owner: Griff's Slave
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