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WUFF MY NAME IS BOBBY AND I AM 12 AND A HALF. Born 1st September 1996 Passed 21st Feb 2009


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I was born on the 16th of September 1996 in Willenhall,  and my pedigree name is Black Night and I was one of 8 puppies, my doggie mum was black and my Dad was Salt and Pepper, and I used to play a lot with my brothers and sisters.  One day this man and woman came and they tickled my ears and played with me,  then they went away. 

Next time they came , the woman tucked me inside her coat and we got into a strange metal thing on wheels and I ended up in a strange house with two other dogs like me only they were grey.  One was called Charlie and the other Harvey, and they were very rough with me and wanted to play all the time, but I could only manage short periods, and then I would drop off to sleep.  I later found out that Charlie was top dog, and if I didn't obey I would get a warning growl to "look youngster, I am the boss here, ok"  I hated being bathed and groomed but I suppose it was alright really as they gave me lots of nice things to eat.

Bobby below at 6 months old.     After I had my final injections, I could at last, explore, and I soon found out the World was a funny place, full of noises, children, lots of other dogs, people, strange  vehicles, but I was willing to learn and the days were full and exciting.  We had a Motor Home and we use to go off on holiday, we all got so excited, and we would pace

 up and down the hall until they were ready to go.   

Here he is at 6 months old, ready to go back, as he had been a bad boy, but we kept him as we love him, to bits.

    The other two were well travelled and Charlie told me he had even been to Ireland.

                                                                                                  and had mostly covered all the Coast of England, Scotland and Wales.  We mostly stayed on Farm sites, and we got to love all farm animals, and getting up early in the morning you could pick up the scent of a rabbit or fox quickly, and we would speed off, with Mum in hot pursuit, to try and round us all up, she didn't often let us off the lead, it depended where we were.  Sometimes Farm animals would be on the field grazing where we were pitched and Mum would sometimes leave us on a long lead with a curly thing on the end screwed into the ground, but we would all get tangled up and then Mum would have to come out and have to sort us out.  Half the time we did it on purpose as we preferred to be inside than out.

The best time for us when we would be all tucked up in our own little beds, and gentle snores would come from the big bed, and we would all sneak in and find a little place for a cold little body to snuggle into, and then just before wake up time we would disappear back into our beds, and they would think we had stayed put all night, it didn't take long for them to work out what we were up to, and then we were just allowed to do it.  If the night was hot we stayed were we were, its easy training humans.

All of us loved Scotland as we could wander along the beach, without seeing a soul, only the screeching of the gulls, for company, and the things you could find to roll in was heaven.  OHH!!!!!

I remember Charlies favourite place to roll in was Duck poo and would he get into trouble, Oh my, could she shout, and it usually meant a bucket of cold water and a big bar of soap. No luxuries thereMe, I don't do those nasty things.  Harvey loved to munch on dried Sheep poo, he didn't care, we were staying on a Sheep farm the first time he did this, we were tied up outside as usual, when somehow he escaped and wandered off into the middle of the field, were the sheep were grazing and without giving the sheep a second glance, lay down and began munching.  Mum looked out of the Camper window, and wondered why all the sheep were all huddled together, and then spotted Harvey, where he was quickly brought back and tied up again.  Later the Farmer told Dad he wasn't too worried as he had spotted Harvey too, if it had of been a stray dog, I dread to think what could of happened.

On another occassion, we nearly lost Harvey for good, at a ruined castle, where we had been visiting on another holiday and Mum had him on a lead and we were all walking around, exploring, when he suddenly walked towards an open arched window, slipped and fell down about 15 foot, but Mum and Dad quickly pulled him back up, none the worse for wear.

Charlie told me he was always doing stupid things,  as a puppy, and one day before I came to live with them, Mum and Dad was walking around the duck pond on the way back from a walk, when he suddenly chased a Canadian Goose, towards the edge of the pool. fell in and Mum had to wade in and drag him out, take her coat off, wrap him in it and got Dad to drive home like a maniac, to make sure he got dried off and didn't catch a chill. 

 Bobby looking smart far left, with his chicken, in the middle. Its mine all mine!

 Sleeping with Harvey R.I.P far right - BOOKENDS

When I became a big boy, I didn't always see eye to eye with Harvey, as he  kept picking on me, so we ended up fighting, Mum tried everything with us, herbal medicine, lavendar oil, but until the day he passed away, we did have fights from time to time. 

When I was 6, Harvey got sick, he kept falling over and having fits ,Mum was so worried about him that she rang her nephew who is a Vet, and asked his advice.  He advised us to take Harvey to our own vet, George, who is really ncie to dogs, he always used to make a fuss of us.  Well Dad took him in the car, and Charlie and me sat on Mum's lap as we felt something was wrong.  Later the telephone rang, and Mum got up to answer it, we could hear her talking on the phone in the hall, and later after she had put the phone down, she came back to us, and we noticed big tears rolling down her face, and I went up and jumped on her lap, and Charlie snuggled up as well, and we shivered with fear, as we could feel that Mum was sad.  Later Dad returned and there was an empty on end, but we couldn't find him, we didn't know where he went, but there were lots of tears and sadness for a long time afterwards.  This reminded me of another sad time when a famous lady died in a car crash in France, I think she was famous as her name was Lady Diana, and Mum watched her funeral on T.V. and I never left her side all day, as I know she needed me to comfort her. 

So now, there was just two of us.  Charlie and me, but he was alright with me as I respected him for his wisdom and life experiences, and our walks he would always direct me to the choicest of peeing places, and the smelliest of smells, and I learnt a lot under his guidance, where to sniff for rabbits or other wild life.  He would sleep alongside me seeking warmth from my body if he was cold, as he was growing old now, and I sensed his hearing and sight was not so good as it once was.



 I noticed day by day he was getting frailer and slower and one day his little body just gave up and he looked at us with pleading little eyes, as if to say "I cannot go on anymore".  Dad had to ask George the vet, to the house, to do the dirty deed, as Dad couldn't take him, he loved him too much.  It was a very sad day and I will never forget the tears and unhappiness.


So now I am on my own, it has been a lot to get use to, as I have never been on my own before.  Mum and Dad mean a lot to me, especially Dad as he is at home all day, but the highlight of my day is going in the car to meet Mum off the train, and they are amazed at how I know which train she is coming in on, as soon as I hear the train I start barking.  I have a gentle walk each day, not to strenous as I suffer now with my legs, but I am happy, and still play with my toys, you see I still think I am a puppy dog.  I still love going away on my Holidays I love going away in the Motor Home, and this year we stayed in the New Forest,

and I loved it.  I also met a Black Schnauzer called Mc Duff, and he had never met a black Schnauzer before.  Later I met a German Shepherd.  One day coming through the Forest, we stopped for lunch and a little pony popped his head through the door, and I was able to put my nose up to his, he dodn't mind.  I think we were both surprised as both of us wasn't afraid.  Inside the Forest we camped and on my walks in the evening they was owl, rabbits, deer and all sorts of little creatures scampering about, course my nose rarely left the forest floor, Oh!  the tales I could tell.

My favourite picture was taken with Geremy from Airlines.




We dressed the tree up before we went away.





This is my little tree 


 Me getting into the Getting Getting into the Christmas spirit, cute hat, don't you think, all of us were crazy about hats.


When we got to the camp site in the early afternoon, Mum and Dad started to put the lights onto the van, everywhere other people had already decorated their Caravans and Motorhomes, and you could feel the excitement, Santa would be coming soon .Hurrah, I was going to put up my stocking


All the Vans looked really pretty, and in the evening people would wander around taking pictures, some people come here year after year.

On the evening we went for a walk, I have to trundle along slowly, as I am a Senior dog now, so gentle does it, my nose is still very good, and I can still pick out the smelliest of odours, I can pick up the bunny and fox pee with no problems, the eyes are good, but I think the ears are not as good as they were, but saying that, all Schnauzers can be DEAF when they want too.
























This chap had made all the Christmas scene himself- looking good.



Woke up, stretching lazily,  sprawled out on on their bed, it was too snug and warm to get up, then I heard a lot of barking going on so I looked out the window, pesky German Shepherd Dog, Jess,just like Mummy, doesn't know when to shut up.  Standing with my paws on the window sill, I spotted this next door, and was she going on, just look at this:-Well down to business, jumping down I could see my stocking and it had pressies in all wrapped up in shiny paper, ah, so lets see.

This is one of the presents I received from my friend Charlie the Schnauzer.Bobby with his reindeerThe weather has been very bad, so I haven't really been doing anything exciting.  Mum had her birtday on the 10th of, February so I had a few little treats on that day. 

Today is Valentine's Day

 We had lots of snow here, but I got ice burns, on my foot, I have had to go to the Vets to have it bandaged and I have to take tablets, which they hide in a piece of cheese, but I am not stupid, I know they are giving me something.  I cannot put my foot on the floor, I wish it would just go away.


Bobby's foot never did get better.  On Saturday after visiting the Vet, Bobby slept in Daddy's arms, and passed away at 1-15 p.m. in the arms of the one who had been by his constant companion and by his side for the last 6 years.  His friend, his companion, his soul mate.


 Rest in peace Little Bobskins, best thing since sliced bread. Wait for us with Charlie and Harvey at Rainbow Bridge.


Dedicated to Bobskins, our pet name for Bobby

Born 1st September 1996

Passed away on 21st February 2009 aged 12 and 1/2




You can shed tears that he is gone

or you can smile because he lived.

You can close your eyes and pray that he'll come back

or you can open your eyes and see all he's left.

Your heart can be empty because you can't see him

or you can be full of the love you shared.

You can turn your back on tomorrow and live yesterday

or you can be happy for tomorrow becasue of yesterday.

You can remember him and only taht he's gone

or you can cherish his memory and let it live on.

You can cry and lose your mind

be empty and turn your back.

or you cand do what he'd want:

smile, open your eyes, love and go on.






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Things I love: Eating Chicken, my fluffy toy, my dad and Mum. My belly and ears rubbed. Having my head rubbed until I am sleepy.

Things I hate: Fireworks and loud noises. Baths, being combed, being shouted at.

My favourite walks: In the woods, on the moors, and by the canal or river.

Other pets who share my home: None

My favourite saying: Lets go, we 're off in the Motor Home

Breed: Miniature Schnauzer
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Male
Birthday: 16/09/1996
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: FD
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