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Toby's doggy log .

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Hi everyone   , my names Toby , i came from a stable yard where my doggy mummy lived , i lived with my brothers and sisters but i liked to lay on my own when they all snuggled up , when i was only six weeks old , a lady took me to the vet man so he could have a look at me , he said i had something called worms in my tummy and i was very quiet , so he gave me an injection and some medicine , he told the lady that it would be better if she took me home with her instead of back to the stables if she was thinking of keeping me , so i went home with her and what was to become my new dad , when we got there i was really surprised to meet two great big Golden dogs , they were really happy to see me and wagged their tails at me and seemed really friendly and i liked them too  so i never left that house and stayed with my new mum and dad and Ash and William and we all became best friends  and i really loved those big Golden boys a lot , but sadly they had to go to Rainbow bridge one day  and i still miss them lots , especially Ash as he was my best friend , but i have Sammy as my friend now and we play together all the time ( he can be a bit pushy sometimes though )


TOBY SADLY HAD TO GO AND JOIN HIS FRIENDS AT THE RAINBOW BRIDGE ON MONDAY 20th APRIL  09  ( due to the awfully cruel disease of Degenarative Myelopathy )  We as his mum , dad and close family are all devastated at this cruel loss , and have cried millions of tears between us , but we know he is at peace now and can run strong and free again with his bestest friends  Ash and Wills , GOD BLESS YOU TOBY WOBES OUR STRONG BUT GENTLE BOY , you gave us ten full years of total  love , joy and special cuddles and now our hearts are completely  TILL WE MEET AGAIN MY DARLING , Go get them mousies  all our love forever , MUM , DAD and SAM SAM XXX LOVE YA TOBES  , Give the boys and girls special kisses from us all won't you X

                                   TOBY 6th APRIL 1999 - 20th APRIL 2009 RIP .


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Things I love: My mum and dad , watching the telly ( a lot ) playing with my toys , lots of walks and runs off lead ( cos i'm a good boy and stay with mum ) away from the road of course ! snuggling up to mum on the settee , and lots and lots of carrots .

Things I hate: Very loud noises , and screaming and shouting on the telly , being away from mum for too long , and animals crying .

My favourite walks: Anywhere mum goes of course , as long as i can run free and do lots of rolling around and skidding accross the grass too .

Other pets who share my home: Sammy , he's younger than me and can be a right pain sometimes ! but he's fun to have play fights with too .

My favourite saying: Toby are you hungry ? cos it means dinner's on it's way .

Breed: Crossbreed & Mongrel
Type: Past friend
Sex: Male
Birthday: 06/06/1999
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: carolsdogs
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