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Hello my name is Nell.  I am a very hard working girl and just love to make my mum happy.


I came to live with mum when I was 8 weeks with my brother Alix.  Murphy already lived here and he didn't like us much as pups but me and Murph are good friends now. 


I was quite hard to train apparently - I thought I was ok but mum she said I am a few sandwiches short of a picnic!!  Think I would like to go to that picnic - eating I love to do!  I wasn't interested in training with those dummy things and like my dog mum before me I love to turn circles as I am sent away for my retrieve.  By the time I am running in a straight line I have lost where I am meant to be going!!!!!!


I do love to go shooting though and will work all day until I can run no more - then I come home - fall asleep on the sofa or by the fire and run some more in my dreams!


I am very accident prone and  have had to go to the vets alot.  when I was 2 I tore the ligaments off my shoulder blade and the vets said that they couldn't help me and I would never work again.  My mum she thought it would be a good idea though to get me as fit as possible and we did lots of walking on the roads to build up my muscles.  I am sound now and am able to work with no problems at all.  i also have a very high hip score and bursitis on my other front knee so mum is going to retire me after this shoot season so that arthritis doesn't get me just yet.  I fell through a jetty out on a shoot which is how I did my knee.  i have had sticks stuck out of my eye and ate a maize cob which got stuck in my intestine and I nearly died!


But my mum she watches me like a hawk and any problems and she gets me sorted straight away which is probably why I am still here!!


I am looking forward to retirement and mum has promised me I will be pampered for the rest of my days like Murph - sounds great and maybe Murph will share his sofa with me!


Nell's Friends

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Things I love: Working! Working! Working - oh and food!

Things I hate: Relaxing!

My favourite walks: Working ones!

Other pets who share my home: The pack of course! Birds - chucks & ducks - that need retrieving but mum won't let me!

My favourite saying: Me oh me oh dear ok!

Breed: Retriever (Labrador)
Type: Working Dog
Sex: Female
Birthday: 31/03/2001
Owner: big bad al