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Dodge's Dodginess

The dodgy dog


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On the 18th August 2007 I remember 2 big scary peopleThis was the first pic of me mum saw, apparently everyone fell in love with me when they saw this. walking into the yard where I was playing with my doggy mum and dad and my sister, the bigger one of the 2 bent down and picked me up and held me for a while and then passed me to the other one. Next thing I knew they were taking me away from my family and I was sitting on someone's knee in a car.

This someone turned out to be my new mum. It was so scary in there, I cried all the way, but at the same time felt relaxed cuddling up to my new mum.

This is me with John when we first met. When we got to my new home my new mum carried me in and there were more scary people, they turned out to be my mum and dad's children and oh they made such a fuss of me. But then!!  A black cat shot out of nowhere and scratched me on the nose. I'm ashamed to say it scared me so much Amy's such a drama queen. I was only chewing on her hand playfully.I wet myself, left a little puddle on the floor(well I was only 16 weeks old, still a baby).  After that they shut the cat away so it didn't hurt me again.   Once I'd got over that I realised yes, I could be happy here.



 That night though they tried to leave me downstairs in a bed all on my own and I cried so much, they kept coming to see me which was nice. They did the same the next night and the one after that. But then, the following night they let me in Tummy tickle time with Emmatheir bedroom with them, I slept down the side of the bed next to mum, still like doing that sometimes now although I'm a lot bigger now and there's not much room so I usually sleep either at the top of the stairs or on one of my beds halfway down or at the bottom.


This is my little bed halfway up the stairs (the blue blanket is the one I brought with me, it had the smell of my doggy family on it). I like this one as there is a window above it and I can see everything happening in the street.






Also, now I'm bigger I look after mum and everyone else too,especially since dad went to live somewhere else.   I do get told off sometimes though because if anyone gets too close to mum I grumble at them. Emma likes to cuddle her but why should she, that's my job so I just try to tell her that by grabbing the nearest toy and run around the room with it grumbling at the same time.

Well it gets their attention. Hehehe



I was just waiting for John to throw the toy for me here.


Me on my beloved trampoline. Oh how I miss it.


I will have to try and get a photo taken with Mum, she takes them all usually though so none of us together yet.

Well apart from this one, Mum and Amy were laying on the trampoline so of course I joined them, thought it was time mum had a face wash too.

Me giving mum kisses


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Things I love: Walks. Baths. Playing ball in the garden. Playing with water.Being brushed.Trampolines. Running around parks. Sniffing everywhere. Snow. Getting in everybody's way (so much fun!!). Tummy rubs.Oh and most of all FOOD.

Things I hate: Strangers. Pushchairs. Shopping trolleys (so scary!!). Mum going to work and being left on my own.

My favourite walks: Anywhere as long as there aren't too many people.

Other pets who share my home: 2 cats, Sooty and Sweep (who won't let me play with them) and a few tropical fish.

My favourite saying: Walkies.

Breed: German Shepherd Dog (Alsatian)
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Male
Birthday: 26/04/2007
Country: Togo
Owner: Mother-Owl
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