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The main man!


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I was my mum's first dog of her own and what an initiation I was!  Turns out I was really very bright and I gave her such a runaround!  When I was 6 months I could do alot of gundog retrieving and had my breeder kept me she reckons I would have been a Field Trial Champion!


However I lived with my mum and she had so much fun trying to keep up with me!  I used to go on our walk and I would know if my friends Molly and Bess were out on the walk and would go and find them all by myself, come back for mum and do the walk all over again with her!


When I was a year old my mum got pregnant and that turned out to be even more fun as she was so big she couldn't run after me when I didn't stop on the whistle like I was meant to!!


But then I started to grow up and went off to competitions.  I did well and got awards and stuff but my mum used to get so nervous - not sure why - I thought it was a blast!  I particularly liked the ones where I was winning and on the last retrieve would decide I had had enough and go do my own thing! 


When I was young I lived with another dog called Sandy who was my bestest friend.  When he died I went and hid in the airing cupboard for a long time.  Mum brought Al & Nell to live with us but I wasn't very keen on them.  Star came to live with us after that and she was lovely.  We spent alot of time working together and I did like her - but she died a couple of years ago and now I am getting on and there are young dogs about.


My mum makes me feels special and I am still leader of our pack - even though I know that Al is waiting in the wings to take over - he is quite gentlemanly and lets me boss him about - a good sport!  I do like to sleep on my sofa in the doghouse in the peace and quiet and toddle down the road when the sun is shining.  I have outlived quite a few dogs here and seen many things in my long life.  I have run many miles and worked hard for my dinner.  My mum and me we understand each other and I know she will see me right in the end - no matter what!


Murphy's Friends

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Things I love: Sleeping! Food! The fire! Dreaming of times gone by! Digging holes on the beach!

Things I hate: Wet cold days - not good for the old bones! Mobile phones! The smoke alarm!

My favourite walks: Short ones on sunny days - otherwise no thank you!

Other pets who share my home: My pack - not a brain cell between the 5 of them - good job i am pack leader! Sooty the cat who stays out of the way. The chucks and ducks, and the rabbit and guinea pig.

My favourite saying: Go on feed me again!

Breed: Retriever (Labrador)
Type: Working Dog
Sex: Male
Birthday: 29/02/1996
Owner: big bad al
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