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March 2010

Friday 12 March - Monday 15 March


Mum had a couple of days off from work, so we had a long weekend together. Friday we got up early, we didn't even get a lay in but instead drove dad to work for 6.30am! Then we went for a run round a nearby pond where we saw a friendly Jack Russell. Mum said she thought he would 'take off' because his tail was wagging so much. We had a nap because we were tired while mum did some jobs round the house.


After a while we went in the car to a garage, the man said we could go for a walk while he took at look at it. Off we went for another run but when we got back the car needed some work so mum walked us home.


Again we were allowed to go off lead and have a run and sniff about. When we got home I asked if we can go in the garden while mum did some more jobs. Dad came home but had to go straight out for some money for 'the car'. Well I wanted to go out again because it was walk time. Mum got us ready and we eventually met up with dad for another walk. It's been great having lots of walks but I don't think George felt the same.


Saturday we all walked to pick up the car. We were allowed off our leads and had a play with 2 or 3 dogs on the way. When we got home we played in the garden until dad went to the match and mum took us in the car to see our aunty and nephew. We went for yet another walk, this time around the reservoir, last time it was very sludgy but it wasn't bad this time. We saw a few dogs and they were all friendly. I love my walks but I especially loved my big meaty chew in the evening... yummy.


Sunday we walked in the fields and we saw Bengi the springer and Holly the dally but they had a new friend, it's Bengi's new sister Squeaky. She was a touch timid briefly but then was very playful. She's the same size as George but mum said he'll get a surprise as she'll be bigger soon. Then we spent most of the day in the garden while mum cleaned the windows and dad did some chores indoors. Later we went for another walk but this time on lead on the street.


Monday we went in the fields again. Mum said we were very good again, especially when we saw the horses and kept well out of their way. We saw Bengi and Squeaky again but she was a touch rough, so I had to tell her to mind her manners, she is a pup after all. We went home while mum did some jobs and then back in the fields again... weeeeheeee. This time we saw several dogs and Benson the boxer. Now... time for a nap while mum goes to work...


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Things I love: Food glorious food. Treats. Walkies. Mummy, daddy and George (when he's not too rough). Cuddles and attention, lots of attention. Having my chest tickled, it makes me laugh and rub my eyes :-) Travelling in the car (there's usually a walk involved) Snuggling up with mum and dad in bed at the weekend. Licking the remains of George's food out of his beard. (See my poem 'Love and hate' further down)

Things I hate: Being bullied. Nasty dogs. The stray dogs round the pond. Rain. Bath time. (See my poem 'Love and hate' further down)

My favourite walks: Yes I love walks, the longer the better. Then when I go home, have a nap, I'm ready for another. Running in the fields, in the woods, anywhere I can run with the wind in my beard. The seaside and the beach, there's so many interesting smells. (avoid the rock pools though!)

Other pets who share my home: George, Black Miniature Schnauzer.

My favourite saying: Biscuit. Walkies. Dinner.

Breed: Miniature Schnauzer
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Female
Birthday: 06/08/2005
Owner: schnauzer
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