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Max's diary - Winter 2009

Mums holiday – 21 to 25 September 2009


We look forward to mum (and dad) being on holiday so we can go for longer walks and spend time with them. I got so excited that we could spend more time in the front garden that I kept going for a wander round. Mum kept calling me back before I could investigate the neighbours’ gardens. I nearly got my head trapped a couple of times. Mum says it’s because I have a big head. Charming! Mum told us both off for chasing the postman. I only wanted a sniff then left him alone but George, he had to tease him. You see he thinks it’s fun to tease people who are scared of dogs. He wouldn’t harm anyone though.


When George disappeared chasing squirrels at the end of the holiday, I showed mum what a good boy I can be. I came straight away when she called us. Then I went to find him when mum told me. I ran through all the trees and there was no sign of him. Then he appeared from down the canal banking. Oh oh! You’re for it now Georgey Porgey.


Saturday 3 to Monday 5 October 2009


We had some great walks this weekend and cuddles. We met lots of friends on our walks. I joined in, even with the big dogs. Mum cut us on Saturday (literally). She didn’t mean to and cuddled us both. It didn’t stop me running to see what she’d done to George when he yelped! Don’t worry buddy… I’ll back you up.


Mum was excited on Monday because has now bought another grooming set. It was in it's own carrying case which said 'Crufts' on the lid. It contained:

  • Electric trimmer
  • Several cutting length combs
  • Motor oil
  • Blade cleaning brush
  • Metal scissors
  • Metal comb
  • Guilotine nail trimmers
  • Nail file
  • 2 sided grooming brush
  • Toothpaste
  • Toothbrush
  • Rubber finger toothbrush


Mum said it was a bargain. She also bought a very small hand held trimmer that ran on batteries which she said would be ideal. She said she could trim around our faces and paws with this and it would be much easier and less chance of cutting us.




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Things I love: Food glorious food. Treats. Walkies. Mummy, daddy and George (when he's not too rough). Cuddles and attention, lots of attention. Having my chest tickled, it makes me laugh and rub my eyes :-) Travelling in the car (there's usually a walk involved) Snuggling up with mum and dad in bed at the weekend. Licking the remains of George's food out of his beard. (See my poem 'Love and hate' further down)

Things I hate: Being bullied. Nasty dogs. The stray dogs round the pond. Rain. Bath time. (See my poem 'Love and hate' further down)

My favourite walks: Yes I love walks, the longer the better. Then when I go home, have a nap, I'm ready for another. Running in the fields, in the woods, anywhere I can run with the wind in my beard. The seaside and the beach, there's so many interesting smells. (avoid the rock pools though!)

Other pets who share my home: George, Black Miniature Schnauzer.

My favourite saying: Biscuit. Walkies. Dinner.

Breed: Miniature Schnauzer
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Female
Birthday: 06/08/2005
Owner: schnauzer
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