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August 2010

Friday 6 August


Weeeeeee it's my birthday! I got liver cake, a cuddly squeaky bear, a squeaky duck (it doesn't sqeak now though!) My aunty bought me a pack of dental chews and a toy dental chew.


We went out for a walk and met THREE schnauzers and had a really good play. Mum was beaming because the man asked who groomed us and she said she did, then he asked how much she charged but she told him she didn't do it for anyone but us. Then he asked if we could breed with his girls but before we even got a say, she told him we couldn't because we had been neutered! THANKS MUM!


One of the girls may have been related to George anyway, so maybe I'd get a look in for a change.


Saturday 7 August


Yippppeeeee BBQ! I love it when we have one cos I can help dad cook.  He needs my help so he knows when they are cooked. George played with our nephew quite a while and we spent all day outside, we were bushed.


Sunday 8 August


We went pack to the park with dad where we saw all the schnauzers but we didn't see them this time. We had a good long walk in the field too. Then mum made dad clean the car out for our holidays and we helped mum in the garden.


Mum dropped George off with dad at granddads while we went for a long walk. We saw lots of dogs to start with, then I spotted a schnazuer and I ran to greet her. Mum and the lady were talking for quite a while and the lady said I was beautiful. Then she asked mum if I would be interested in breeding me with her girl. HEY ASK ME ... ASK ME! Mum smiled and said I wouldn't be able to do that now.  Why does nobody listen?


Mum came away very proud again,   I came away very disappointed!


When we got home, George and dad came in too. Then mum ran a bath... FOR US! You need to be clean for our holiday boys  Wasn't it enough the car getting a bath?


Can't wait now though, a pile of clothes, toys and things keep piling up in the spare bedroom.


My Holiday in Ulrome 14/08/10 - 21/08/10


Here we are on the beach, I've got loads to smile about because we went for a whole week to the seaside. We walked for miles but occasionally stopped for rests on the sand or called for something to drink or eat. Mum and dad sometimes let us share their picnics, they took a bit of meat for us and plenty of water.



See, the weather was lovely, we're sunbathing here with dad. I think we'd tired him out. One day we walked from Fraisthorpe to Bridlington on the beach, then had a stroll round the harbour and walked all the way back. Dad then told mum to drive George back to Skipsea to meet us and he'd walk me back on the beach! I was exhausted and I didn't go out with dad that night I can tell you.



Here, George had knocked me into a deep rock pool and I ran back to tell mum what he'd done. When he caught up with me he told me off for telling tails.



I'm having a well earned rest here. The sun was shining in through the door and it was pleasantly warm.



I did have one other dip in the sea when I round a fish head on the beach. Dad took it off me and through it in the sea, well I had to try to find it didn't I. I actually went in up to my tummy.



Here we are waiting for mum to catch us up. She kept stopping to take photos and we were scared she'd get lost.



Mum put those pebbles on dads tummy and said it was me. I'm sure dad didn't believe her.



Here we are playing together. George does get a little rough though which I don't like.



This is me... the drowned rat! Yes this is after George pushed me in the rock pool... bully.



It'll take me ages to clean myself and my paws.



I know that fish head is in here somewhere. Help me find it George.



Here I am in part of the garden at the cottage. We shared it with the family next door.



This is me and George on the wall at the side of the river in Bakewell, Derbyshire. We got lots of attention from passers by. The day before we walked round Ladybower reservoir but it rained and we all had to wear our coats. They're quite nice though, so we didn't mind toooo much.



We even went back to Bridlington this week for the day. Mum and dad say we will all be going on holiday again next year. Can't wait.


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Things I love: Food glorious food. Treats. Walkies. Mummy, daddy and George (when he's not too rough). Cuddles and attention, lots of attention. Having my chest tickled, it makes me laugh and rub my eyes :-) Travelling in the car (there's usually a walk involved) Snuggling up with mum and dad in bed at the weekend. Licking the remains of George's food out of his beard. (See my poem 'Love and hate' further down)

Things I hate: Being bullied. Nasty dogs. The stray dogs round the pond. Rain. Bath time. (See my poem 'Love and hate' further down)

My favourite walks: Yes I love walks, the longer the better. Then when I go home, have a nap, I'm ready for another. Running in the fields, in the woods, anywhere I can run with the wind in my beard. The seaside and the beach, there's so many interesting smells. (avoid the rock pools though!)

Other pets who share my home: George, Black Miniature Schnauzer.

My favourite saying: Biscuit. Walkies. Dinner.

Breed: Miniature Schnauzer
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Female
Birthday: 06/08/2005
Owner: schnauzer
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